The U.S. government and the Republicans—worse than nothing

I have repeatedly described Romney and the Republicans as “nothings,” “vacancies,” and “empty suits.” But the truth is worse than that. The U.S. government actively assists the Muslim Brotherhood and the spread of Islamic-law government in the Middle East, and, as Andrew McCarthy wrote in July, the Republican establishment actively supports that evil and traitorous policy.

In connection with which, a reader sends this by Srdja (Serd-ya) Trifkovic:

Fourteen centuries of Islam have fatally undermined Christianity in the land of its birth. The decline of the Christian remnant in the Middle East has been accelerated in recent decades, and accompanied by the indifference of the post-Christian West to its impending demise. Once-thriving Christian communities are now tiny minorities, and in most countries of the region their percentages have been reduced to single digits. Whether they disappear completely will partly depend on Western leaders belatedly taking an interest in Christian plight and persecution. This seems most unlikely, as the examples of Iraq, Egypt and Syria demonstrate.

In Syria the Obama administration is fully committed to supporting the rebels, although it should be well aware of the ideological outlook and long-term objectives of Bashar al-Assad’s foes. They are Sunni fundamentalists. The partnerships forged thus far are ominous. The New York Times reported last June that CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, deciding which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms. The weapons are being funneled across the Turkish border “by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood.”

Syria is the region’s only remaining country where Christians live effectively as equals with their Muslim neighbors. It has the second largest Christian community in the region (after Egypt), some 2.5 million strong. Most of them are supporting President Bashar Al Assad amidst ongoing rebellion in the country because they prefer a dictator who guarantees the rights as a religious minority to the grim future that Assad’s departure might bring. According to George Ajjan, an American political strategist of Syrian origin, an existential fear about a bloody fate awaiting them—should the Assad regime fall in Syria—is the main driver behind the Christian community’s almost unanimous support of its policies:

“The secular regime of the Baath Party dominated over the past four decades by the Alawites, a heterodox Shiite sect to which the Assad family belongs, undoubtedly secured life and liberty for the Christians—although dire economic circumstances resulting from the regime’s failure to provide growth have driven many middle-class Christians to emigrate, seeking a better standard of living abroad. Taking that into account, the commonly-cited figure of 10% Christians is perhaps close to double the real number living in Syria at the start of the uprising.”

It is not to be doubted that if the Obama Administration is successful in its stated objective of bringing Assad down, the Christians in Syria will follow their Iraqi brethren into exile. The predictable consequences of Assad’s fall and the Brotherhood’s victory would be the creation of a Shari’a-based Islamic state….

That this scenario seems acceptable to the Obama Administration became obvious in October 2011 when Dalia Mogahed, Obama’s adviser on Muslim affairs, blocked a delegation of Middle Eastern Christians led by Lebanon’s Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rai from meeting with Obama and members of his national security team at the White House. Mogahed reportedly cancelled the meeting at the request of the Muslim Brotherhood in her native Egypt. Rai has warned repeatedly that a Brotherhood-led regime would be a disaster for Syria’s Christian minority, but his admonitions are unwelcome in Washington.

Gintas, who sent the Trifkovic article, comments:

Obama’s foreign policy in such places is pro-Muslim anti-Christian; whenever he gets a chance he works against Christians and for Muslims. It is a good thing for Obama he has never faced Charles Martel or Jan Sobieski. God save and preserve us.

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Daniel S. writes:

It should be noted that Obama is not the first president to enact policies that have been disastrous to Middle Eastern Christians. Bush’s reckless invasion and occupation of Iraq and indifference to their plight led to the exile of most of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq. The U.S. government has provided billions of dollars to the Pakistani government which is waging a cleansing of Christians from that country. Likewise, Bill Clinton stood by as Muslim Albanians destroyed medieval churches and monasteries and drove out Christian Serbs from their ancient homeland in Kosovo. American politicians, both Republican and Democrat, simply do not care about the destruction of ancient Christian communities, nor do they care about the long term consequences of empowering the most radical factions of Muslims in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Thomas Bertonneau writes:

Fact: Romney never complains about the adverse consequences for Christians of the Obama-Clinton “Arab Spring” foreign policy. This should surprise no one. As for Obama, whatever he is by religious conviction (a Trayvonian, maybe), he is not a Christian; he is a sotto-voce anti-Christian, who sat in the front pew of the God-Damn-America Church in Chicago for twenty years. Consequently the expulsion of Christians, and frequently their murder, bothers him not at all. And the same enormity bothers Mitt Romney not at all. But why should it? Romney is not a Christian either. He is a Mormon who by profession denies the Trinitarian God and directs his worship elsewhere, to some synthetic deity dreamed up in the early nineteenth century in the burnt-over region of New York State. Devout Muslims inherit a fief in paradise. So do devout Mormons. Or rather—they inherit a planet, over which they become a god. To this we have come: The choice between a repellent Marxian-Quasi-Muslim leftist and the smiling, oily follower of an Islam-like, essentially anti-Christian creed that, in a more recent historio-cultural context, would be immediately recognizable as a flying-saucer cult.

The rising popularity of the alien-invasion theme in popular culture might be a bit of folk-wisdom. The triumph of the Pod-People is complete and has been for a long time. We are now voting for one pod-faction or another.

LA replies:

Your denunciation of Mormonism is incompatible with, and fails to explain, the fact that many Mormons, notably Mitt Romney, live exemplary lives. How do you explain a flying saucer cult having such beneficent effects on its adherents?

David P. writes (September 8):

In addition to the Democrats supporting a ban on profits, for 50 years at least, America, Republican or Democrat governed, has consistently sided with expansionist Islam’s war against non-Muslim states or people. From handing over Timor to Indonesia, siding with Pakistan, as it mass murdered Hindus in East Pakistan, or Serbia and Kosovo, and now siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. In all these, America installed fanatic Muslim governments, leading either to mass murder of Christians, or their persecution and expulsion, as in Iraq. We will see the same scenario repeated in Syria.

Ann Barnhardt is right when she says that the first Republic is dead. She is convinced that sooner or later, the USA will come after devout Christians in the U.S., as that is what all socialist/Communist countries have done before. Given America’s onslaught on Christians in Muslim countries, and its governing party’s thrice denial of God, its difficult to gainsay her.

There are many indicators that America is not just a dead nation, but far worse, a nation peopled with Zombies in power.

September 10

Andrew B. writes:

The Alawaites are a crypto-Christian Shiite sect that a sane West should have fully supported since the time of the French Mandate. They were mainly rural people and the descendants of the pre-Islamic Syraic Christian rural population.

Similar groups may be read about in Turkey from the time of Greco-Turkish war in 1922. They were prevalent in Trabizond province on the Black Sea, and made the unfortunate mistake of reverting to Greek Christianity when it seemed like the invading Greek Army was about to sweep the Turks out of Ankara and into the Black Sea.

Just like the Marrano Jews in Spain, Islam was but a thin veneer for many people in the Middle East. A West committed to Christianity instead of raw power would have recognized the value of such people to the Christian and Western mission instead of casting them to the winds.

Alan Roebuck writes:

You said, responding to Thomas Bertonneau’s comment,

Your denunciation of Mormonism is incompatible with, and fails to explain, the fact that many Mormons, notably Mitt Romney, live exemplary lives. How do you explain a flying saucer cult having such beneficent effects on its adherents?

The explanation is simple. Mormonism promises eternal benefits only to those whose behavior in this life is exemplary. You only get promoted to godhood in the next life, with your own planet to rule, if you behave yourself in this life.

Mormonism combines a flying-saucer-cultlike theology with an appropriation of traditional Christian standards of rectitude.

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