Preliminary thoughts on the cabby attack

Of course, the left and the media are telling us that the attempted murder of a Muslim New York cab driver by a baby-faced psychopath proves that homicidal hatred and violence have been sparked by the white racist movement to stop the construction of a harmless Islamic center and mosque next to Ground Zero.

But really, isn’t it at least as likely that the attempted murder was sparked by the jihadist expansionist movement to construct a symbol of Islamic victory and supremacy next to Ground Zero?

In other words, is it not probable that what we have here is a case of Sudden Anti-Jihad Syndrome? And if the powers that be sincerely want Sudden Anti-Jihad Syndrome to go away, rather than grow and increase, shouldn’t they think about making this country … less welcoming to jihadists?

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James P. writes:

Do we have any independent verification that the attacker said something “anti-Muslim”? Or are we just taking the cab driver’s word for it?

Shrewsbury writes:

Here is a contradiction in liberal “thought” so glaring that it’s almost hard to perceive it, viz.: when Americans link the Islamic mass murder of nearly 3,000 people at the WTC with the Muslims who are trying to build a mosque next to the WTC, that is bigotry. But when liberals link an attack by a sozzled goofball on a Muslim cabbie with all Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives, etc., that is enlightenment.

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