Limbaugh: When a story of white-on-black violence is suddenly everywhere, it should be disbelieved pending PROOF

Daniel S. writes:

Today Rush Limbaugh made the point that any time the liberal media or the black grievance lobby comes with a story of white-on-black violence, our default position should be to disbelieve the narrative until proven otherwise:

And here comes Mr. Zimmerman: I’ve never seen such hate. So in one sense, the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson have failed. They have not been able to make this case into what they wanted it to be. And they gave it everything they had. And they failed at the Duke lacrosse case…. The next time you hear everywhere you look—not in just one or two places but you if you hear it or see it everywhere you look—that four lacrosse players raped and nearly killed a black party dancer or whatever, you have got to doubt it.

You’ve got to consider it’s manufactured and made up for the advancement of a political agenda. You’ve got to become ideological if you want to understand how this stuff happens. You’ve got to start looking at things through the prism of conservatism versus liberalism, not Republican or Democrat, not black or white. [LA replies: Not black or white? It’s all about black and white.] You have got to see these people for who they are if you want to understand it and not get trapped and not get caught in it, and thus not be lied to. So it’s starting to unravel here. Even though we don’t know the facts yet, the story that Obama and the Sharptons and Jacksons and so forth wanted to portray has not taken hold.

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