NBC scapegoats a couple of reporters for doing what all the liberal media have been doing

As reported by Mediaite, two more NBC correspondents have been fired over their false editing of the George Zimmerman 911 call. The latest to lose her job is Lilia Luciano, a reporter based on Miami.

I think these firings are just a convenient way for the network to cast blame on select individuals for a monstrous propaganda campaign to which NBC as an organization, and all major liberal media outlets (plus quite a few so-called conservative organs like the New York Post), have devoted themselves. Their offense is rank, it smells to heaven, and dismissing a few “Breaker Morant” reporters who were obediently and energetically following the overall direction of their organizations will not remove it.

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Gretchen D. writes:

In the linked article, I notice that George Zimmerman is still referred to with the emotionally-charged phrase “Trayvon Martin killer,” and that the edited and more prejudicial version of the 911 call is given TWICE before the correct version.

It appears that nobody in the MSM is going to let the Official Narrative of this incident go without a fight.

LA replies:

You’ve proved my point.

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