The Dems’ self-destructive craziness

I’m back from a marvelous week-long canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Wilderness area of Northern Minnesota, located in the watery borders between the United States and Canada. At times, I and my canoeing partner may have inadvertently drifted into Canadian territory.

As I’ve been catching up on the news this evening, it’s apparent that the obviously fraudulent National Guard memo that CBS tried to use against Bush exemplifies what I’ve been saying repeatedly since the beginning of the year: Bush is extremely vulnerable to genuine criticism and could and should have been defeated. But, in one of the greatest ironies in the political history of this or any country, the Democrats are so insane with hatred for Bush that they’re unable to employ the legitimate criticisms of Bush that are readily available to them, and instead mount illegitimate nutty attacks on him which blow up in their own faces. I can’t think offhand of any historical parallel to this event, in which a party is so desperate to beat its opponent that it keeps snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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June 6, 2012

LA writes:

Reading this brief entry many years later, I notice that I used the same description, “desperate,” that I’ve often criticized when both sides in U.S. politics (particularly the Republicans) use it against the other. Which is not to say that “desperate” is never a correct description. But here I would say that it is not. It was not desperation that drove the producer of the CBS Evening News and Dan Rather to use that fraudulent charge against Bush concerning his Air National Guard service during the Vietnam war—it was insane hatred. Because they and other liberals insanely hated Bush and were consumed with lunatic bigotry against him, they did what bigots always do—they believed any negative story about him, they gravitated toward any false charge that would damage him, the more damaging the better. And so the producer of the CBS Evening News (I forget her name at the moment) and Dan Rather spent literally years searching out this Air National Guard story, in the belief that when it was finally broadcast, it would destroy Bush and lead to his defeat in the election. Out of their hatred, they were blind to the obvious problems with the story, including the fact that the incriminating letter that someone had sent them was a forgery. When it was revealed as a forgery (by the bloggers at Powerline), it led to the ignominious firing of both Rather and his producer.

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