Every person attending the Super Bowl will be patted down

And I guarantee you that the thought will not occur to any of the 80,000 or more persons being patted down as they enter Cowboys Stadium tomorrow (1) that the reason for this humiliating treatment is fear of terrorists; (2) that all the perpetrators and planners of recent terrorist attacks in America have been Muslims; and (3) that if we didn’t have Muslims in America, we wouldn’t have Muslim terrorists in America, and we wouldn’t have to be patted down when entering a football stadium.

It won’t occur to a single one of those 80,000 football fans. They never think that instead of letting ourselves be humiliated because of Muslim terrorism in America, it’s the Muslims who ought to endure the consequences of Muslim terrorism in America—namely by not being allowed to be in America. We are a contemptible nation of sheep, being treated as we deserve, because we don’t fight it. Truly the likes of Janet Napolitano and George Casey (who says that diversity is a higher value than American lives) are our rightful rulers.

Star-telegram.com reports:

As part of the increased security surrounding the Super Bowl, NFL and federal authorities are limiting what fans can bring to Cowboys Stadium.

Everyone entering the stadium must pass through a magnatometer, such as those used at airports, and get a patdown as part of the screening process. The majority of fans will enter through checkpoints on the east side of Cowboys Stadium.

Small bags are allowed, but will be searched, and jackets will be X-rayed.

Not allowed

Items fans can’t bring into Cowboys Stadium:

Weapons, mace/pepper spray, fireworks

Camcorders, tripods, camera cases and binocular cases

Umbrellas, strollers

Grills, tents, poles, sticks

Banners, noisemakers, horns, beach balls, Frisbees, laser lights and pointers

Containers of any type, coolers of any size, backpacks

Bottles, cans, hairspray


Items fans can bring into Cowboys Stadium:

Small cameras and binoculars, but not camera cases and binocular cases

Small bags

Items purchased in Fan Plaza on Game Day

Source: NFL

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