Ted Kennedy was wrong: the DREAM (Act) has died

As reported at the Huffington Post at 11:31 a.m., the DREAM Act has failed to win cloture. The vote was 41 to 55. This means the DREAM Act is dead, or at least it is dead until the Democrats again win a majority in the House of Representatives. Thanks to all the people who lobbied against this outrageous bill. And let us not forget why it was brought up for a vote, so inappropriately, during the lame duck session of Congress. Harry Reid saved his Senate seat by promising Hispanic voters in Nevada that he would pass the DREAM Act after the election, and before the Republicans take control of the House in January. He saved his career by allying himself with an anti-American constituency located within our country, a constituency that places the advance of its fellow ethnics, particularly illegal aliens, above the well being of the United States, in order, ultimately, to take over the United States.

[Note: the link to my 2006 article at FrontPage Magazine, “The Second Mexican War,” is not working.]

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Larry G. writes:

As in any good monster movie, the creature is still not dead. The DREAM Act was, if I’m not mistaken, originally created by Orin Hatch, R-Utah. There is talk of a Republican version of the DREAM act being brought up in the new Congress next year. Keep the torches and pitch forks ready.

Robert B. writes:

Oh, thank you Lord.

On behalf of my children and my as yet unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren, thank you. To all of those senators who stood firm, thank you.

E. from Florida writes:

You’re spot on (as usual).

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