Romney’s son says he didn’t want to run

Ed H. writes:

The crushing deadness that is the GOP recruited a man to run for President who didn’t want to run, had no sense of mission or patriotism, and really wanted to be with his family. And this is the guy we were led to pin our hopes on? This is what the GOP did to the country, so that they could get another controllable sock puppet in power? This is what we were hoping praying and despairing over? Can we even call 2012 a defeat for our side? It should be only the end of the GOP.

LA replies:

I think you’re reading it incorrectly. He did not want to run for himself, but, according to family accounts I’ve previously read, he did it out of a patriotic sense of mission, convinced that he was the the one best suited to offer an alternative to Obama and fix the nation’s problems.

Also, when you say “the GOP recruited a man … “, that is not correct. The GOP did not recruit anyone. Whoever was interested in running ran—all those ridiculous people like Santorum and Cain and Huntsman—and the candidate who won enough delegates won the nomination. The phrases, “The GOP recruited,” and “This is what the GOP did to the country,” suggest the image of a group of party leaders getting together in council and deciding what to do. But that is manifestly NOT the nature of the modern nominating process.

Also, try to name a Republican politician who didn’t run but should have run, who would have been a good choice, a conservative, and a winner. I’ve tried. I can’t come up with anyone. Can you?

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Ed H. replies:

I would like to know how any half-alive man could see what was happening to the country and still have no more sense of purpose than that it was a set of accounting problems to be straightened out. How do you come to the conviction that you are the best man for the job, without a sense of what that job entails or what it will take to defeat the enemy? Is leadership and vision nothing more than feeling that your resume is the best in the pile? According to Romney MBA, the answer is “of course?” It was this passivity which was behind the defeat.

For example, the GOP and Romney had four years to notice how Obama operated. What evidence is there that they learned anything from the McCain debacle? Obama is supported by the lying leftist media. Why didn’t the GOP from the outset run around the media by refusing to come to any “debates” hosted by the leftist press? With four years of waiting couldn’t the GOP have set up its own press outlets to speak through? The Internet is now the most powerful information dissemination system in America. We never had this before. Since 1952 every campaign has been conducted through the TV networks, but now we are free. Did the GOP capitalize on this and choose to agree to only online interviews, which would have left CNN to copy the information second or third hand? The GOP could have created new questions to respond to, new scripts to follow, but they didn’t. They kept playing the same cards dealt to them by the same liberal establishment.

As for the other ridiculous people running for office, Santorum, Cain, Gingrich: Precisely What is it about the GOP that it can’t do better than that? What is the filtration mechanism built into GOP politics which kills all creative minds dead before the game begins? The same filtration process was never questioned and it had Romney pegged as the nominee from the start.

However, in a more direct sense I do feel the GOP elite manipulated the nomination process. They certainly deliberately excluded the Tea Party in Tampa. And they did this after the 2010 elections were handed to them by Tea Party activism and fervor. I have been to Tea Party rallies outside state houses, in support of conservative causes where the Republicans inside will not even deign speak to the crowd. So much for courage and new directions. This is how the manipulation is occurring, not so much by outright connivance but by defaulting to business as usual. And Romney was business as usual. And that’s what the Republicans wanted, and that’s why they lost.

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