British judge sends stabbing victim to jail

Here is the Daily Mail’s headline:

Mother stabbed and left in coma by brutal boyfriend is JAILED … just because she was too traumatised to testify against him

We learn that Sacha Williams-Rowe’s long time boyfriend and father of her children, a fellow by the upper class sounding name Lloyd Lothian, stabbed her in the belly with a kitchen knife and almost killed her, leaving a lengthy, reverse L-shaped scar going down her belly and then to the side. And how was the case resolved? The defendant was allowed to plead guilty to a reduced charge of “unlawful wounding,” while the victim was sent to jail for a week for declining to testify a second time.

What the heck. VFR readers ought to see the injuries caused by the obvious attempted murder that the British justice system called an “unlawful wounding”:


And here’s the unlawful wounder himself:

With a name like Lloyd Lothian, he’s as British as can be.

Here’s one of the comments at the Mail:
Attacks like this will continue, while women ‘favour’ the bad boys in life.—Fallon, London, 22/1/2012 11:51~~

They don’t come across as bad boys at first, they tend to be overly charming and they choose girlfriends/victims for their submissive and gentle characters because they are easy to brainwash and control. Such women are NOT ‘favouring’ the bad side, sometimes they are not even aware of it until too late. By the time these guys start being mean to them, their victim is well embroiled and equates thoughts of leaving with possible death at the hands of these sc*mbags. Over twenty years ago I was in her position domestically for 3 years (one child) and believe me, you don’t have to be a thick chav to become a victim. Sometimes you are just unlucky. It took a lot of doing to get away and the police were no help whatsoever. Domestic violence goes across the board. It isn’t just for the poor! Please don’t blame the victims for the criminals wrong doings. ps this judge sucks.

- FH, Norwich, UK, 22/1/2012 16:41

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Jim R. writes:

Regarding the Daily Mail (a glimpse into the female-driven mediocrity that is Britain), the woman in question undoubtedly knew of the violent nature of the man, which is why she chose him. She had her pick of white guys who were on the main placid, respectable, dependable, and BORING. Lacking the sexiness that the guy who nearly killed no doubt has in abundance.

Yes, women know. As Dalrymple pointed out in Life at the Bottom, scars from “glassing,” picking fights with other men, tattoos proclaiming violence, all point to a violent life. So too, frequent arrests, casual drug dealing, and the like.

Women often choose (and the most beautiful women choose) violent men because they pencil in the control they exert over Beta Males into the aggressive, sexy bad boy. Missing the point. (Johan Van Der Sloot has even in jail beautiful women sending love letters as he pled guilty to another young woman’s murder.)

That this guy was black was probably a plus in the eyes of his victim. Look at Rihanna. As a beautiful black female celeb, she has her pick of black guys who are dependable, reliable, and still handsome. And she can’t stay away from Chris Brown.

In my view, white women, because most ordinary white guys around them are equal in status [to the women] and relatively inoffensive, crave testosterone dominance and want as much domination as they can get. Even if it kills them. Which it sometimes does. You did not see this when ordinary guys were just a smidge higher up status-wise than their female peers.

The guy was a wannabe-gangster and rapper. No wonder an attractive (much more attractive than most British women her age) woman had a couple of kids by him. She chose the most violent guy she could get, to father her kids, the most important decision in her life, because he was sexy. She still won’t press charges, because she still wants him. [LA replies: That’s not correct; she did press charges. She didn’t want to go to testify a second time because she said it was too stressful to tell about what happened.] She chose that guy instead of some ordinary British guy. That’s modern Britain in a nutshell.

Aditya B. writes:

When one fails to appear pursuant to a lawful summons, one does so, potentially, under pain of imprisonment. However, the British system, like its imitations elsewhere (including the U.S.), gives the judge extraordinary powers with respect to such contempt proceedings. Imprisonment is usually a last resort. For instance, in California, countless defendants, mostly Hispanics and East Asians (who are usually unable to read and understand the summons/police citation) fail to appear at traffic court hearings. When such defendant eventually appears, the judge usually waives the “FTA” (for Hispanics and Blacks) or orders a fine (for whites and other middle class persons), as it is not regarded as an especially serious offence and the fine generates revenue for the System.

His Lordship, the Honorable Justice Parmoor, could have waived contempt and proceeded without the victim’s testimony. His decision is evil, cowardly and entirely consonant with the aims of the British establishment. Not only does an extremely violent and dangerous black man escape with a slap on the wrist, the (white) victim is imprisoned for having the temerity to disobey His Lordship. In one stroke, he abets white displacement, and the grinding of (white) British citizenry to nothing but human chattel at the service and mercy of the System.

That being said, I think a Higher Justice is at work and everyone is getting exactly what they deserve.

This woman co-habited and had children with a man outside her race and station. A man belonging to a strata of society, that is, on the average, more impulsive and violent than her race. Like the rest of her compatriots, she probably voted away her economic and political freedom in exchange for scraps from the table of the Overlords of the System. Like others of her race and station, she is unlikely to have any knowledge of, or appreciation for, the “blood, sweat, toil and tears” that cemented the British nation. She, like others, is an atomized unit, who exists to pursue “happiness.” Excepting a few narrow prejudices, she probably lacks race consciousness or national consciousness, let alone national or racial pride.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to sympathize with such people. Whites are turning, for all intents and purposes, into docile and submissive Third-Worlders. They don’t have a single independent thought. Mediocrity and uniformity is the ideal. Nothing moves them. Occasionally, they will “express” their “outrage,” but as long as the fridge is full and there’s something on the telly, they won’t even consider their sorry situation.

We are witnessing the logical conclusion of a system where every man, woman or transgender-ed child has the “right” to decide which jackass will continue to rape and pillage the country and destroy its human capital, as long as said jackass throws a few scraps to these “citizens,” and does not interfere with their right to rut anything that moves. This is not an aberration. This is only the logical outcome of such an insane philosophy. This is not a nightmare. This is the “American Dream” come true, in the U.S. and elsewhere.

In the same vein, I’m finding it impossible to care about the U.S. election (although this will be my first vote as U.S. citizen, and the second of my whole life), because I know that the eventual candidate will be the one who is least candid. He won’t upset the apple cart. It has nothing to do with “media” or “politics or “lobbies.” It has everything to do with the undeniable fact that no one in America (or anywhere else) wants to face the facts of life. We’d much rather live in a fantasy world where the laws of nature do not apply to the U.S. because we live here. Anyone who interferes with that nice daydream is an “extremist” and “unelectable.” The latter is absolutely accurate. Nobody in the country will vote for a man who shows Caliban his reflection. Caliban won’t be grateful for that mirror, Caliban will beat him to a pulp.

Like Capt. Willard says, “Everyone gets everything he wants.” We wanted this world, and we got it. Now we have to live in it.

January 23, 5 p.m.

Irv P. writes:

Aditya B. wrote:

It has everything to do with the undeniable fact that no one in America (or anywhere else) wants to face the facts of life. We’d much rather live in a fantasy world where the laws of nature do not apply to the U.S. because we live here. Anyone who interferes with that nice daydream is an “extremist” and “unelectable.” The latter is absolutely accurate …

Well done, Aditya. I’ve been repeating this idea in many forms for a long, long time. Probably since Jack Nicholson first uttered the famous phrase in A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth.”

Anyone wonder why Michele Bachmann was one of the first to go? She told the truth! She became a “nut job.” And Aditya’s also right that we’ve got just what we (collectively) wanted and deserve!

An Indian living in the West writes:

I was very interested in Aditya B.’s thoughts on the issue.

Despite all the failings of America, he chose to become a citizen. I think this is more significant than, say, becoming a citizen of Britain or France. The reason is as follows: A British or French naturalised citizen can promptly, upon receiving a British or French passport, leave the country and move somewhere he deems more pleasant. This is usually easier to do with a French or British passport than an Indian or Chinese passport, for example. I have friends who got their British passports and moved to Singapore or Hong Kong where they find life more desirable and without any of the urban blight they encounter in Britain. I have met Brits in Hong Kong and Singapore who moved there thirty years ago and will never go back to the UK.

With Americans, there is a problem. It does not matter that you may have left American soil permanently. You remain on the hook for American TAXES! I know this sounds very cynical but it is one reason I would never want to live in America, get a green card or become an American citizen (all of which were options at one time or another). The fact is that if you think the whole situation is doomed anyway, you don’t want the world’s most powerful government to go after you wherever you may be on the entire planet to continue to fund a system of idiotic boondoggles that threaten the very solvency of the country (and perhaps the financial stability of the entire planet). I have met many Americans outside the U.S. who have been working abroad for decades and who find this immoral and unjust. They say that they do not work in the U.S. economy, they are not taking anything from it, they are not using American healthcare or American schools. But the government still asks them to keep paying U.S. taxes.

In other words, if a Brit moved to Singapore, he would be taxed at a maximum rate of 17 percent. If an American moved to Singapore and he was in the top tax bracket, he would pay the difference between the Singapore top rate (17 percent) and whatever the U.S. tax rate is for someone at his level of income. In other words, you are a slave to the federal government for life. And there is no getting away from it.

Some years ago, I considered moving to the U.S. and setting up an office there. But the tax implications put me off.

Knowing what we know about the state of the U.S. and its rampant uncontrolled spending combined with the class warfare rhetoric of Obama, did Aditya ever consider not taking citizenship?

David P. writes:

Did anyone notice Lloyd Lothian exhibiting his prize possession—trainers. We had riots in the US over some Trainers. Then there was the fatal stabbing at Footlocker in London. I don’t understand this fixation over Trainers of many Blacks

LA replies:

They seem to be symbols of manhood and status.

Just as black thugs will kill anyone who looks them in the eye or “challenges” them in any way,—like the young white man in Kent, Ohio in 2009 who yelled after a car that had almost hit him, “Watch where you’re going!” and the car stopped and black thugs got out and beat him almost to death; or like the young white man who was beaten to death the other week [no link at the moment] because he called after a cab, and a carful of black savages thought he was calling at them, and thus “dissing” them—they will kill someone for his trainers.

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