Those Jewish puppet masters who control everything in the universe including the minds of white Gentiles keep flopping

Timothy A. writes:

Spitzer, Madoff, DSK, and now (to a lesser extent) Weiner. The Jewish conspiracy appears to have hit a bit of a rough patch. Maybe Kevin MacDonald will have to revise his thesis.

LA replies:

You mean that if prominent Jews keep getting into trouble, that shows that the Jews are not running everything?

Timothy A. replies:

Right. Not only are they are not running everything, but they can’t even protect some of their most prominent members.
LA replies:

And some of those prominent members can’t control their own members.

Timothy A. replies:

What a lousy conspiracy. You don’t see any prominent Masons being frog-marched into court or splashed across the headlines. Now there’s a group that knows how to run a conspiracy. :-)

- end of initial entry -

Greg W. writes:

I don’t want to get caught up in this either, though I hear Oscar Mayer has hired him as the spokesman of their new kosher hot dog line.

LA replies:

“I don’t want to get caught up in this either … “

That’s what everybody says, before they quote the latest pun.

David L. writes:

This is like Christmas morning for the media. Providing the opportunity to act up like kids on detention at school! A local radio station in Sacramento put together a montage of the multiple exclamations of “Weinergate” by various media outlets that ran 60 seconds long. Try repeating “Weinergate” over and over for a full minute to appreciate the absurdity of it all!

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