No longer the forbidden topic?

For the first time since the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, the racial transformation of America that was set in motion by that Act has emerged as a topic in the national consciousness. This is, of course, something I’ve been passionately hoping to see for the last thirty years, ever since I first became aware of—and, in the same instant, horrified and obsessed by—what mass non-European immigration was doing racially and culturally to America. (See my 1990 booklet: The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism.) What the mainstream acknowledgement of this demographic reality means, and whether it can lead to any positive political changes, I don’t know yet. Most likely, the de-Europeanization of America and the displacement of whites is being publicly discussed now, only because it has already decisively occurred, as seen in the results of the 2012 presidential election. As long as there was a chance to stop the immigration and the resulting dispossession of Anglo-European America, the topic was forbidden. But now that it’s happened, and there’s a sense that nothing can be done about it, and therefore the identification of the fact that mass nonwhite immigration is leading to the radical cultural and political transformation of America does not logically require a call for restricting that immigration, it’s become safe for Mark Steyn and all the other despicable conservative cowards to come out from the shadows and say bold-sounding things like, “Demographics is Destiny.” In the minds of Steyn and the others, they are not issuing a warning against that transformation, since such a warning would make them racists; they are announcing the victory of that transformation, combined with impotent little grumblings about some of its negative effects. After all, what—other than impotent grumbling—is conservatism about?

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Jeremy G. writes:

The liberal media are openly gloating about the racial transformation and what it means for the country. They’re the ones who publicized this topic and thus brought it into the national consciousness, not Mark Steyn, or any other mainstream conservative.

LA replies:

You’re right. I’ve been saying for years that these conservatives were waiting for someone else to talk about the subject, making it safe for them to talk about it. Well, the someone else was the liberal media.

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