is dead and doesn’t realize it

Throughout Obama’s first term and many other conservative sites repeatedly touted Obama’s falling approval rating whenever it reached (as it did repeatedly, and then it always climbed up again to 50 percent, which the conservative sites ignored) 43 percent. (See VFR’s many entries on this absurd conservative self-delusion; and a few more here.) Today Lucianne has as the top item in its Must Reads the fact that Obama’s approval rating has fallen to … 50 percent—seven points higher than the level at which they previously thought Obama was in a “free fall” and was doomed. They are so desperate for a sign that Republicans are still in the game, still have power, still play a significant role in our politics, that they keep turning to this pitiful, already massively discredited expedient. The Repubicans are trying to pretend they are alive, but the very nature of the attempt demonstrates conclusively that they are dead.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 13, 2013 06:56 PM | Send

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