Elizabeth Warren has practiced law in Massachusetts without a law license

That, in addition to defending her claim to Cherokee ancestry by saying, “As a kid, I never asked my mom for documentation when she talked about our Native American heritage. What kid would?” But, as Investor Business Daily replies:

Sure, maybe a kid wouldn’t, but an adult would, especially before checking a box saying she’s a minority. Warren listed herself as an Indian minority in a national law directory used for faculty recruiting. Soon after, Harvard hired her and publicized her minority status.

What lawyer makes such an outlandish claim without first putting in the research to verify it? Warren expects us to believe her legal skills are so poor she doesn’t know how to look up her own genealogy? Please.

Warren is a proven liar, hypocrite and fraud, and ought not darken the halls of the U.S. Senate as an expert witness let alone a member of that august body.

The only thing I disagree with IBD about is their referring to that collection of hacks, liars, and mental inferiors as an “august” body. Since the subject at hand is Elizabeth Warren’s credibility, IBD should have been more careful about its own.

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September 28

Terry Morris writes:

“August body,” eh? They were apparently trying to wax eloquent, and stuck their proverbial foot in their mouth in the process. The folks at IBD surely have seen enough CSPAN broadcasts to know better than to refer to the U.S. Senate as an “August body.” It only takes one for any self-respecting American.

Concerning Elizabeth Warren’s question regarding her claim of Indian ancestry, I’m part Choctaw and can prove it. I’m also, allegedly, part Cherokee Indian, but it isn’t documented because my great grandfather on that side was ashamed of his Cherokee heritage and failed to get a roll number, based on his shame, or so the story goes. That has always been the obvious answer within my family to why he neglected to get a roll number in the Cherokee Tribe. But I’ve always had my doubts. Even as a child. Maybe, like me, he just didn’t care to take advantage of American tax payers. Maybe he was independent minded like myself. Maybe he wasn’t Cherokee at all. Who knows? And in my case, who cares? I derive no special benefits whatsoever from from my insignificant Choctaw blood.

Meanwhile certain Indian tribes keep lowering the bar as to percentage of Indian blood required to be considered a tribal member entitled to tribal benefits. Because they’re slaves to the federal government and apparently can’t get enough of it. And all the while trying to re-establish some semblance of “Indian Sovereignty.” How stupid is that?

Warren might not be Indian, but she sure acts like one.

Terry Morris continues:

Come to think of it, and contrary to the deluded opinions of the folks at IBD, Elizabeth Warren seems to exhibit many of the characteristics apparently requisite to become a U.S. Senator. So she’d be a perfect fit in that corrupt body.

If you can stand the excessive use of foul language, pull up the YouTube video of “The Guy from Boston” and listen to him lambast the House and Senate for the lawlessness of many of their members. It’s pretty funny, albeit truthful and a blot on our country’s reputation. But what else is new?

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