Sexual liberation to the nth power

Remarkable, revelatory, and deeply disturbing parallel discussions have been going on at Mangan’s Miscellany and Mark Richardson’s Oz Conservative, having to do with the current sexual order, which is approximately to the Sexual Revolution of the Sixties and Seventies as the H-bomb is to the A-bomb.

At Oz Conservative, there is: What does it mean to be alpha? and Now this is sex war! And at Mangan’s: Game and Social Collapse.

I haven’t read these threads in their entirety, not by a long shot (they are long), but here are my preliminary thoughts. (1) The general notion one had (for example, from Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons) that young women today are mind-blowingly promiscuous, combined with (2) the larger picture of what this pattern means and what its specific consequences are for women, men, and marriage, as powerfully explained by Mark Richardson, combined with (3) the Roissy argument that the only way “Beta” men can avoid being left behind in this Sexual Darwinist jungle, where life is red in tooth and claw, is to practice “Game,” in which men look at women as pure sex objects to be won over by the manipulation of their emotions,—a position I’ve denounced at Mangan’s, which set off the discussion there—have opened the doors on a new dimension of our social and moral catastrophe.

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