White family takes black youth into their home, ends up with murdered daughter and severely injured father

Max P. writes:

I know you have an endless supply of black-on-white attacks that are dismissed by the media and the police as “random,” with the victim “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Here is a story from Murrieta, California which is different.

A white family took in a black teenager who came from a troubled home. The family tried to help this poor young man. However, they eventually asked him to leave because he started to take a romantic interest in their daughter. According to the article:

“My son took him in,” [Dorothy Burke, the girl’s grandmother] said. “He would spend two weeks with my son and then he’d go home for two weeks, and then he and his mother would get into problems and then he would come back.”

But when Paul Burke noticed that Simpson was becoming romantically interested in his daughter, he became uncomfortable.

“My son noticed he was getting kind of smitten with Saskia. He said, ‘I didn’t like what I saw. He’s all googley-eyed and gaga and it gave me a bad feeling,’” Dorothy Burke said.

This week the boy returned and stabbed the daughter to death and severely injured the father and boyfriend who tried to come to her aid.

The article does give his description, “Simpson is black, 6-feet-tall and 120 pounds, with short hair and was wearing dark clothing, police say.” He is still at large.

Here is the article Max sent. (By the way, my recent remark that I have not been able to post all the stories of anti-white violence that readers send was not meant as a request not to keep sending them. I do intend to post them in some form.)

MURRIETA: Triple stabbing leaves 1 dead, 2 wounded
Police say a Hesperia man returned to a Murrieta home where he had stayed and waged a bloody attack, then fled on foot
Published: 20 December 2011 10:12 AM

VIDEO Triple stabbing in Murrieta

A teenager walked into the home of a Murrieta family that once took care of him and brutally stabbed three people, killing an 18-year-old woman and leaving her father and 17-year-old boyfriend severely injured, police said.

Saskia Burke was at home in the 40000 block of Milkwood Lane around 4 a.m. Tuesday when 19-year-old William Gary Simpson, of Hesperia, walked into the family’s two-story house, authorities and family members said.

Simpson, who fled the scene, reportedly stabbed Burke with one of two knives. Police said it was unclear where she was in the house during the stabbing.

“The 48-year-old father and 17-year-old male friend were awoken by her screaming,” said Murrieta police Lt. Tony Conrad.

Her father, Paul Burke, was stabbed in the chest while trying to wrestle the knife from Simpson, and the woman’s boyfriend was also stabbed, according to Dorothy Burke, of Taylor, Mich., the slain woman’s grandmother.

Neighbors charged into the bloody house after hearing a woman screaming hysterically that someone was stabbing her daughter.

“We rushed in there, and a guy was beating on the husband,” said neighbor John Sennett. “There was blood everywhere. It was horrific.”

Sennett saw Simpson run out the back door and around to the front of the house. He reportedly ran to nearby Juniper Street, then into a creek bed that runs between Juniper Street and Los Alamos Road, said Sgt. Phil Gomez. Officers found a blood trail on Juniper Street. An officer spotted him in the neighborhood and ran after him but didn’t catch him, Gomez said.

Two knives were found on the sidewalk in front of the house and on the walkway, Gomez said.

Police did not have a confirmed motive for the attack Tuesday night and were still interviewing witnesses.

Saskia Burke was found dead by police inside the house at 4:11 a.m. Her father and boyfriend, who was not identified, were hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery, Gomez said. They were in critical but stable condition Tuesday night and were expected to survive, Conrad said.

Tracking dogs and a sheriff’s helicopter spent part of Tuesday morning trying to find Simpson. Police believe he was still on foot in the neighborhood and found some unidentified evidence in a vacant house near the crime scene.

Simpson is black, 6-feet-tall and 120 pounds, with short hair and was wearing dark clothing, police say. It was unclear how he got into the home, but there were no signs of forced entry, Conrad said. The girl’s mother, Catherine Burke, and an unidentified sibling were also in the home but were unharmed, Conrad said.

Simpson lived with the family for several weeks at a time, Dorothy Burke, 80, said. Dorothy Burke said she spoke with her injured son in the hospital by phone after the stabbing.

Simpson was asked to move out late last year, Conrad said.

“My son took him in,” Burke said. “He would spend two weeks with my son and then he’d go home for two weeks, and then he and his mother would get into problems and then he would come back.”

But when Paul Burke noticed that Simpson was becoming romantically interested in his daughter, he became uncomfortable.

“My son noticed he was getting kind of smitten with Saskia. He said, ‘I didn’t like what I saw. He’s all googley-eyed and gaga and it gave me a bad feeling,’” Dorothy Burke said.

The family recently stopped housing people in need because they couldn’t afford it after Paul Burke was laid off, she said.

Condolence messages were posted on Saskia Burke’s Facebook friends’ Web sites on Tuesday night. They described the Murrieta Valley High School student as a best friend, and like a sister.

She described herself as someone who was not artsy like her mother, a painter, or her father, who draws, or brother or sister who sing, but as “just me” with a name that no one can pronounce, after Rembrandt’s wife.

“She had long, red beautiful hair. She was so gorgeous there has to be another word to describe her,” Dorothy Burke said.

She talked to her son Tuesday, who was in the hospital still in shock, not able to process or react to what had happened.

“Paul did say to me, ‘Mom, I can’t cry.’ I said, ‘Honey, don’t worry about it. It’s going to hit you, and it’s going to hit you hard.’”

Burke said she had cried all day until she had nothing left.

“It gets to a point where you cry and you can’t cry anymore,” she said. “But I’ll probably begin again tomorrow.”

Anyone with information about the case or Simpson’s whereabouts may call 911 or Murrieta police at 951-696-3615.

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James P. writes:

The guy suddenly noticed that the black kid wanted to have sex with his teenage daughter? Gee, who could have predicted that! Most fathers would move heaven and Earth to keep their daughter away from such a creature.

The father’s reaction to the black kid’s “romantic interest” (romance had little to do with it) is described as “he became uncomfortable.” No doubt the source of his discomfort was the conflict between the gut-level feeling that he should keep a black thug away from his daughter and his liberal programming that such feelings are racist.

An “artsy” family that has a kid with a stupid name and that needlessly invites Morlocks into their home — classic Eloi!

James P. adds:


“Police did not have a confirmed motive for the attack Tuesday night.”

Obviously, she rejected his advances and this enraged him.

December 22, 5:45 p.m.

Sophia A. writes:

Over a year ago, you and I had the following exchange. I let the matter drop. I never argue about matters of taste.

Given this murder in California, however, I’ve decided to bring up the matter. Here is our e-mail exchange from October 2010:

From: Sophia A. To: Lawrence Auster Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:48 AM Subject: The Liberal American Creed

No better illustrated than in the movie THE BLIND SIDE, in which a Republican Evangelical Christian couple adopts a giant black kid from a huge family, and turns him into a clean, literate football hero. Everyone was shocked, shocked, that a Republican did this. Those who are shocked just don’t understand that We Are All Liberals Now. Or rather, it’s their world, we just live in it.

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 1:53 PM, Lawrence Auster wrote:

I disagree. That was not a liberal movie. It was a human movie.

I did not find THE BLIND SIDE remotely convincing. I particularly disliked the scene in which Leann is having lunch with her stereotypically bitchy privileged Southern belle white girl friends. During the lunch, one of these set-up harpies broaches the subject of “Big Mike” being interested in the Tuohy’s nubile daughter. It is a perfectly rational consideration, even if one rejects the possibility. A reasonably sophisticated film would have treated that objection as one that the Tuohy’s had considered, and overcome. But not in this piece of Hollywood drivel. Sandra Bullock in her best Hollywood manner, looks at the Southern bitch-belle and says, “shame on you.”

I nearly walked out of the theatre at that point.

I remain baffled as to how you cannot see the openly political manipulativeness of this cheesy film.

LA replies:

I did think of The Blind Side this morning in connection with this murder. It did make me question my previous positive view of what the family did by bringing the homeless boy into their home. If someone had said to them, “Isn’t it imprudent to bring a troubled black teen-ager into your home, living under the same roof with your teen-age daughter?”, I wondered how they would /should have replied. My first answer was that they would have said, “Yes, it’s a risk, but it’s risk worth taking, to save a life.” So they would be willing to risk their daughter’s life, to help a black boy straighten out his life? Then I went out and that’s as far as my thoughts have gone so far.

I agree with you that the scene you described is PC and very wrong. An honest and responsible movie would have had Mrs. Tuohy at least grapple with the problematic and possibly dangerous thing she was doing. The very liberal treatment of that issue aside, however, I still feel the movie overall was not a liberal movie in its themes and its impact.

Sophia A. continues:

The quotation from the girl’s Facebook page is revealing, to say nothing of her photographs.

From the LA Weekly blog:

On her Facebook page the teen Burke quotes what she says is a passage from the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman:

I believe that the future sucks and I believe that the future rocks. I believe that all men are just overgrown boys with deep problems communicating …

… I believe in a woman’s right to choose, a baby’s right to live, that while all human life is sacred there’s nothing wrong with the death penalty if you can trust the legal system implicitly, and that no one but a moron would ever trust the legal system. I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.

Saskia Burke

Saskia Burke

William Simpson

Jack S. writes:

Here’s a website, nationalblackfootsoldiernetwork.blogspot.com that says the victims had it coming. It’s apparently not tongue-in-cheek:

William Gary Simpson Jr Chosen by God to Exact Vengeance Upon 4th Removed Generation Devil Whose Forefathers’ Sins Sat On Her Head? Saskia’s mother’s tears tears are hypocritical & empty. For this is what her morally depraved forefathers purchased for her

Brother Simpson called by God to fulfill vengeance against despised Burke family hypocrisy

There are links to other black on white crimes with similar messages that the white victims had it coming as a form of revenge for slavery and racism.

In a way you could say Mr. Burke and his daughter are unfortunate Darwin awardees; this is what you get when you invite a savage into your home.

Max P. writes:

Here is a site that covers urban crime. It is called Thug Report.

However, I did not get this California story from Thug Report. I picked it up in the comments section of another blog.

I understand being burned out. It is really frustrating that stories like this are never carried beyond the local news media in the immediate vicinity of the crime. Yet something like the Duke rape case makes national headlines for weeks on end.

I am also beginning to tire of the Left’s response that because FBI crime statistics show the rate of violent crime is at a twenty year low, we should be happy and stop trying to sensationalize these random, isolated events. Drudge especially was criticized harshly this past summer when he linked several black on white crime stories at once.

Thanks for posting the story. I will continue to forward any noteworthy items.

Beth M. writes:

I doubt anybody who reads this website cares much for “The Silence of the Lambs,” but there is a great line in the movie that stuck with me: “We covet what we see.” Since seeing the film, which terrified me, I have been MUCH more cautious about allowing outsiders to know much about my life. I will never again hire an undocumented worker to clean my house, or to do yardwork.

When the blond Mormon girl in Utah (?) was kidnapped, and the perpetrator turned out to be a fundamentalist Mormon who worked odd jobs and who had been hired by the blond girl’s father to do some repair work on his family home, it made me realize that it is dead flat crazy to let random people see where you live, or to become familiar with the floor plan of your house (and to figure out which family members sleep in which bedrooms, etc.) Get the house remodeled and repaired before you move in, and postpone repairs and improvements that will involve “crews” of people until the last daughter moves out and takes her teddy bears and cheerleading memorabilia with her.

Relatives of mine with several beautiful (blond) teenaged daughters had somebody break in. All the burglar took was professional photographs of the girls AND their underwear. The family didn’t feel safe in their own home after that.

David B. writes:

I just did a Google search and William Simpson, “alleged” killer of Saskia Burke, has not been captured as of now. It is likely he is being hidden or helped in some way.

Robert B. writes:

The fruits of liberalism—

The family “houses people in need”—who are total strangers, including a “troubled youth” who is also a total stranger and who just happens to be the same age as their beautiful daughter. The “troubled youth” gets into the house at 4 a.m. without having to break in. Did he have a key? My guess is that people came and went at their leisure. After all, the homicide victim’s seventeen year old boyfriend is also in the home at 4 a.m.—which is apparently “normal.”

So, allow me, please, to draw some conclusions. These people most likely belong to a non-traditional church that may be (likely) Catholic. By non-traditoinal I mean the kind that uses guitars for musical accompaniment instead of an organ. Part of the church’s program is to “house the poor.” When they run out of space in the church basement, they push these people out into congregant’s homes. This man obviously didn’t care if his daughter was having sex under his very nose as evidenced by the presence of his daughter’s boyfriend in his home at 4 a.m. Why else would the young man be there at that time of the night? He probably had apprehensions about the black youth’s behavior but decided it was his “inner racist” and fought it hard. Eventually, his “inner racist” got the better of him and he asked the “troubled youth” to leave. The “troubled youth” probably dwelt on the father’s racism as the father allowed another, most likely white, boy to stay in the home and have sex with his daughter. The “troubled youth” fulminated on this and decided to take revenge for being denied sex with the man’s daughter.

A female reader writes:

To Robert B.:

My mother doesn’t understand why I no longer attend church, but it has much to do with the scenario you have just outlined. The pastor (and the church hierarchy) judge “success” by the number of “worshippers” in the pews each Sunday. It is so easy to double your numbers if your church starts various giveaway programs for recent immigrants and the permanent underclass that few pastors can resist the temptation.

When you hand out free disposable diapers and formula and food (to people who are already receiving WIC and food stamps) PLUS cash when they say they can’t pay the rent, etc., you will get many new churchgoers. Turn off the spigot, and they will all disappear. But the pastors LOVE being humanitarians with other people’s money, so the spigot remains open.

If I could find a church with traditional services & hymns, and no “minority uplift” programs, I would join.

Alan A. writes:

The second photo of the murdered girl speaks directly to the father’s intelligence. The father was stupid to allow a young black kid from a “troubled home” under the same roof with his hot-little-number daughter.

Alan A. continues:

However, what I just said was from the perspective of not having read the additional information about the family’s rather liberal rules regarding visitors in the wee hours and its implications regarding morality.

I believe Robert B. may be on to something. If the daughter was promiscuous, the black kid may have made an approach, been turned down, possibly brusquely, assigned it to racism, and, being “troubled” (cf. nationalblackfootsoldiernetwork.blogspot.com), flew into a killing rage. But who knows, really.

My point is, the father’s an idiot. It’s all on his head, the way I see it. It happened under his brainless watch.

All of that aside and out of mind (what can one do!), I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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