What is the French Republic?

On the subject of Génération Identitaire’s occupation of a large mosque in Poitiers, Tiberge at Galliawatch quotes from a French publication this reader’s comment which is so good it could be carved in stone:

The Republic will never save France. That is not its role. The Republic is internationalist, like the former USSR.

In other words, the formal political and ideological structure of France is devoted to the destruction of the French nation, culture, and people. Sounds like the United States.

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Gintas writes:

If what you said about the U.S. is true, should we abstain from voting? After all, voting is part of the political structure, so voting is participation in and approval of the political structure that governs—nay, is destroying—us.

LA replies:

My short answer is: Haven’t you heard of people voting for the lesser of two evils?

My long answer is: There are many different elements within this structure, some moving faster to destroy us, some moving more slowly. Any individual conservative’s decision whether to vote for the Republican nominee is based on his own calculation of how quickly or how slowly the contesting elements within the political structure are moving to destroy us. The Obama administration is moving unprecedentedly fast. Personally, I have not voted for a major party candidate for president since 1992, because in those elections, on balance, I did not see enough difference between the parties—or between the long-range effect on the country of electing one party or another to the presidency—to vote for the Republican nominee . But the Obama administration is so bad that it amounts to a national emergency. It must be stopped. And I say this though I have zero belief or trust in Romney. So this year for the first time since 1992 I am resorting to the time-honored cliché of voting for the lesser of two evils.

LA continues:

I should add that if Romney is elected there is a reasonable chance—very far from a certainty, but a reasonable chance—that Obamacare will be repealed. If Obama is elected there is zero chance that it will be repealed. That alone is reason enough to vote for Romney, though, again, I see him as a liberal and do not support him and do not believe in him. It’s Lesser of Two Evils Time.

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