Man quotes Koran, is accused of making it up

Undercover Black Man, with whom I’ve had a few dialogs at VFR, was posting at a liberal-leaning blog where his opinions about Islam came under attack. He replied:

Dude … what part of “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them” don’t you understand? Is there any holy book among world religions, EXCEPT the Koran, which advocates the spread of its beliefs through force of arms?”

One of his interlocutors replied:

These are obviously the words of a person who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Who told you that the Koran says this? You obviously have never read it.

You are inventing facts and quoting hearsay to promote your mistaken view of reality.

UBM then did some research on the trusty Web and quoted several English translations of the verse in question as well as of another key verse in Sura 9. We may presume that the person who said UBM was making it all up has now realized that the Koran is not the love-and-tolerance manual he thought it was.

UBM comments, “There is rhetorical power in stacking various English translations of certain Koranic verses one atop the other. The true and essential meaning of the verses stands out in sharp relief when you see them phrased a few different ways.”

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