My Islam policy supported by a champion of Israel

Ted Belman at Israpundit has linked and recommended my speech, “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America,” in which I advocate the voluntary or forced removal, by stages, of the great majority of Muslims from the United States, and the banning of Islam in the United States by constitutional amendment. As a very active blogger, Mr. Belman, an American currently living in Israel, is primarily focused on matters pertaining to Israel’s security. I am pleased and honored that he approves of my radical policy, which, of course, has been completely ignored by all establishment-conservative anti-jihadists.

As a side point, I would remind readers that under Israel’s existing law, a person advocating the transfer of Muslims from west of the Jordan could be prosecuted for hate speech; an organization or political party advocating that position would be shut down by Israel’s Supreme Court.

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Bill Carpenter writes:

Your side point on current Israeli “hate-speech” policy suggests an explanation for something I observed recently. Comments to an article on Caroline Glick’s website included glancing references to proposals to deport Palestinians, as advocated by former tourism minister Elon and by Robert Locke. After only a couple of days, those comments were deleted. Possibly it was calculated that the potential cost of leaving them up outweighed the benefits.

LA replies:

They deleted them, even when the point was made only by commenters? Whew…

However, as I’ve said, Glick is a liberal in her general thinking and assumptions, or at least she seems to to me. She’s only a conservative on issues of Israeli national defense.

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