The perpetual moral fit that is liberalism

Because they oppose allowing open homosexuals in the military and oppose the legalization of illegal aliens who have attended college, the following statements apply to the Senate Republicans, according to the editors of the New Yor Times:

The Senate Stands for Injustice

On one of the most shameful days in the modern history of the Senate, the Republican minority on Thursday prevented a vote to allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the military of the United States. They chose to filibuster a vital defense bill because it also banned discrimination in the military ranks. And in an unrelated but no less callous move, they blocked consideration of help for tens of thousands of emergency workers and volunteers who became ill from the ground zero cleanup after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001….

Another measure of overdue justice—the Dream Act, which would empower the innocent children of illegal immigrants with education and public service opportunity—barely survived a Republican filibuster in the Senate after being tabled by proponents hoping to drum up support in coming days. There is little sign of encouragement, however, for that good cause or others as the 111th Congress expires in the grip of Senate Republicans demeaning public service as an exercise of naysaying.

For the Times, there are not two sides to these issues and other issues; there is only one side. If legislators don’t take that side, they “stand for injustice,” they are “shameful,” they are “callous,” and they “demean public service.”

This has been the standard way liberals, led by the Times, have talked about non-supporters of liberal positions for at least the last twenty years. Meanwhile, the Republican legislators who are the targets of this (and worse) obloquy never notice it, let alone reply to it. Yes, they will defend their position. But they never protest the liberal language which casts them and all non-liberals out of the ranks of decent humanity. And so the liberals remain free to keep employing the liberal language of demonization, poisoning our society and leading to outright threats and intimidation against non-liberals, as was done by homosexual activists in California a couple of years ago against opponents of same-sex “marriage.”

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