Beck’s confusing change of direction

Glenn Beck’s announcement that he is going to “transition off” his daily TV program later this year, whatever that means, is about as coherent as Sarah Palin’s July 2009 announcement of her reasons for resigning from the governorship. Has anyone noticed that Beck, like Palin, is inveterately incapable of forming a cogent sentence, and that one of the reasons for this, as with Palin, is that almost everything he says revolves around himself?

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Larry G. writes:

This post started off as a cheap shot at Glenn Beck, and then turned into a gratuitous cheap shot at Sarah Palin. It adds nothing of value to VFR, and is unworthy of you. Please consider removing it.

LA replies:

How is it a cheap shot to say that Beck’s meandering, incoherent explanation of his plans is meandering and incoherent—and that it is typical of the way he often expresses himself, and also that it reminded me of Sarah Palin’s embarrassingly incoherent retirement speech?

And can you identify a criticism of Beck or Palin that is not a cheap shot?

Jim C. writes:

Beck was fired by Roger Ailes, who despises him. Beck’s ratings, though still good, had declined by 40 percent recently, and more so in key advertiser demographics.

Beck’s employer and audience had had enough of his antics. I’m sure Beck will make a brilliant Pentecostal pastor, so it’s Godspeed Reverend—and good riddance.

Clark Coleman writes:

I realize you linked to the Daily Caller story, but that web page might disappear someday. I think Beck’s words of wisdom should be preserved in as many places as possible. Imagine if the Gettysburg Address had disappeared because of a blunder by some ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

In particular, we need to preserve this paragraph:

“I want to take a couple of minutes and address something personal between you and me,” Beck said. “This is something that, something that I have been thinking about for a very long time. When Fox was generous enough to offer me the time at 5:00, I originally didn’t take them up on it. I turned them down. One reason—I didn’t want to do this. I hated doing it at the other place. This place is sweet in comparison. But I also knew—believe it or not, anybody who knows me in my real life, as the wee little Erin will tell you, too—I avoid on confrontation like nobody’s business. That’s why I’m forced, but also I don’t like it. I don’t like conflict, but sometimes you have to stand.”

I think that pretty well sums things up.

LA replies:

Indeed it does. And to think that a reader today, Larry G., accused me of a “cheap shot” for saying that Beck was meandering and incoherent!

April 8

Spencer Warren writes:

I do not agree with your harsh criticism of Sarah P. the other day. As I have written before, I have seen her give speeches, carried on C-span in full, and have found her articulate, knowledgeable and confident, often departing from her prepared remarks to strengthen her point. Most important, unlike most or all of her competitors (except the other woman, from Minnesota!), she is not fearful of voicing strong opinions.

In my opinion, much of the extreme hostility against her (not you) MAY be because she is a feminine, traditional (noting the exceptions you have written about) woman.

LA replies:
Leaving aside the question of Palin’s speaking abilities, I must disagree with your idea that she is a traditional woman. She is a feminist, self-worshipping woman. Did you see any of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”? In that program, which she edited, her husband was treated like a piece of furniture—not once, not twice, but every time he appeared on camera. To focus all attention on herself, she turned her husband into a zero, even when they were in engaged in outdoor and wilderness activities in which he naturally excels. The idea that she is a traditional woman is one of the biggest misconceptions ever seen. She’s a contemporary female egotist, all the way.

Spencer Warren replies:
Yes, you are right about that. I did not see her TV show. Can we say she “looks” like…?

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