Has the Hamas victory really moved us in a new direction?

The Hamas victory by revealing (yet once again) the awful truth about the Palestinians, provides an opportunity for sensible people to propose a complete reversal of the Mideast policy of recent years. Instead of encouraging Israeli concessions to the Palestinians in the hope of attaining a Palestinian acceptance of Israel that will never happen, we should encourage and permit Israel to transfer the Palestinians across the Jordan to a country that is already majority Palestinian and virulently anti-Israel, a place where they will be happily at home with their fellow jihadists and would-be Jew-exterminators, yet no longer in a position where the Israelis have to cope with them on a regular basis.

Now, how would such a proposal be greeted by the mainstream conservatives? Think for a moment about all the conservatives who are saying that there is a silver lining to the Hamas victory, since it shows what Palestinians are really all about, and it tears away the veil of supposed moderation, and it makes clear what Israel is dealing with, and it justifies Israel’s doing what it needs to do, etc. Ok, agreed. So now we should say to these Dr. Panglosses, here is what Israel should do with this unique window of opportunity that has opened, and then we present our transfer plan. How they would sputter! It would show that what they mean by “dealing with the Palestinians” is really just more of the same.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 31, 2006 05:56 PM | Send

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