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Those who say we would be blamed, or that we would alienate the Iranian people by supporting them at a time they’re being slaughtered in the streets for the “crime” of demanding their freedom, say that because they don’t believe in America, not because they care about the future of the Iranians. [Michael Ledeen, The Corner.]

For Ledeen, America is not a country, it is a project to help free people in other countries. If you don’t believe in that project, of even if you have doubts about the best way to carry it out, you don’t believe in America.

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June 25

David B. writes:

This post concerning Michael Ledeen reminded me of an exchange several years ago. I asked why the neocons wanted to invade Iran in order to defeat “radical Islam” while simultaneously inviting large numbers of Muslims INTO America.

You sent this question to Ledeen and he replied that he was against illegal immigration and thought it was senseless to have Muslims coming into this country. However, I don’t think he ever spoke against the practice and the neocons haven’t changed.

LA replies:

Ledeen has a one-track mind. Nothing that’s not on that track holds his attention. As I remember the incident, he and I had an exchange at FrontPage, in which, responding to article of mine on immigration, he wrote, “Yes, I agree completely with Larry Auster on illegal immigration.”

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