The vulnerability of the Obama left

A. Zarkov writes:

A few months ago most of the conservatives I spoke with seemed to think that they could do nothing to stop the socialist juggernaut. The events over the last week shows just how wrong they were. Two conservative college kids with a video camera have brought down the mighty ACORN. In most respects their string operation was laughably amateurish. James O’Keefe looked exactly like what he was: a college kid pretending to be a pimp. The stunningly beautiful Hannah Giles looked like a model dressed up as hooker for a photo shoot. Anyone with half a brain would have seen through the charade instantly. But evidently the ACORN folks don’t even have half a brain—that’s why they came apart so easily. Now the Census Bureau has cut them out of the 2010 Census and Congress is defunding the entire organization. The message is clear: the Obama phenomenon is organically weak. Push on the rotten door and it caves in. True to my expectations the left is now shamelessly playing the race card, only few people are buying it. I expect that the Democrats in Congress will soon panic as they stare down the gun barrel of the 2010 election. Individual conservatives can do lot if they stop being apathetic.

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September 18

Kathlene M. writes:

A, Zarkov wrote: “Individual conservatives can do lot if they stop being apathetic.”

He’s right. One can easily purchase a mini spy camera with 2 gigabytes of internal memory that you can take anywhere, ready to record the corruption of public officials, community organizers, and pontificating leftists. Then when you’re done, simply upload the video to Youtube and send it to Foxnews, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity.

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