The insular mayor of the Isle of Manhattan

Mayor Michael R. Bloombrain gets the socking-to he deserves from Daniel Greenfield writing at FrontPage Magazine:

Bloomberg blew the snowstorm and that was bad enough. But he blew Sandy and that is much worse. There are too many dead, too many people who feel left alone and isolated, by a mayor who couldn’t get past his uptown mentality to look in on Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens, who denied access to the National Guard because of his finickiness about guns and kept the marathon going because in his circles that was a thing to do.

Rather than tackling emergencies, Bloomberg has cackled about climate change and obesity, he has tackled trendy Obamanoid causes with rhetoric and micro-regulations, instead of fulfilling core governance obligations by preparing for real emergencies.

The final illusion that Bloomberg is anything but a liberal drone [is shattered by] his Nation interview, where he says that he endorsed Obama “not because I’m thrilled with him, but to me, choice, gay rights, the environment are the real issues, more important than economics.”

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Paul K. writes:

Wow. Michael Bloomberg, self-made billionaire who made his money at Salomon Brothers and by founding a financial information service, claims that economics means less to him than choice, gay rights, and the environment? I guess once you’re the tenth richest man in America you can afford to stop thinking about money and focus on the trendy issues.

By the way, while checking his Wikipedia page to confirm the extent of his wealth, I see that Bloomberg is deeply committed to “choice.” Quote: “In 1997, a former Bloomberg L.P. employee who became pregnant while employed filed a lawsuit accusing Bloomberg of saying, ‘Kill it!’ and ‘Great, No. 16,’ which may have been a reference to the number of pregnant women in the company.”

What a bastard. I don’t know how else to put it.

D. Edwards writes:

Headline in New York Post:

“Marathon canceled, but generators and supplies still sit unused in park”

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