As anti-matter to matter, is Islam to the West

(Note: be sure to see Joel Peterson’s comment about his exchange with the Christian anti-Muslim activists featured in this entry and how they responded when he asked them what we should do about the Muslim problem.)

Clark Coleman writes:

Three members of a Christian apologetics ministry went to the 2009 Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan, not to distribute Christian literature, but to ask questions of the Muslims at the booths who are handing out Muslim literature. As seen in this YouTube, they accept a pamphlet about how the Muslims are actually fighting a war against terrorism from the workers at a booth (a booth with a title that encourages people to ask questions), and attempt to ask them about it.

However, the Muslims, including numerous private security guards, continually put their hands over the camera, strike the camera, shove the camera, try to intimidate them physically, etc. Two young jihadists arrange a scam in which they talk to the Muslim security guards about how Christian literature is being distributed (false, of course), then one of them talks to the Christian while another one sneaks up and steals a Muslim pamphlet out of his hand and runs over to a security guard with it, as if to prove that Christian pamphlets are being distributed.

The Muslim security guards (without ever looking at the pamphlet) come over and say they have a free speech/proselytizing zone at a certain intersection and can speak there only. They protest that they are just asking questions, etc., but they are encircled by Muslim private security guards who strike their camera more than a dozen times, tell them repeatedly they are not allowed to film, threaten to break the camera, and march en masse towards them to make them retreat.

When they reach the police outpost near the edge of the festival, the Muslim security guards calm down and start brazenly lying to the police, telling them that they have never struck the camera.

My conclusion: Muslims are incompatible with Western civilization.

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Daniel H. writes:

Can you imagine those Christian apologists trying to do the same thing at a Muslim festival in, say, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Brussels, Malmo, Paris, etc….? I can’t. I have no doubt that if they had done so they would have been cut to pieces, and if they did manage to get out of the encounter alive they would probably have been arrested by the police for “terrorizing” Muslims.

I do think that the time for a relatively easy, peaceful solution to the Muslim problem in Europe has passed. In some places they are now a critical mass. It is going to be very hard going forward.

The only thing that distinguishes the USA from the European situation is the fact that they are further along in the trajectory of Muslim population growth. We still have time, but how much?

Steven P. writes:

All Muslims are terrorists. Ten percent do the actual dirty work, and the other 90 percent insist it’s not their problem.

LA replies:

That’s the most succinct description of the Muslim problem yet.

Ray G. from Dearbornistan writes:

As far as this incident at the annual Arab Festival, well what can I add? The pictures speak well. It’s just a matter of numbers as I’m sure you know. The critical mass has been reached in Muslim immigration and thus they now are starting to exercise their political power.

Our City Council primary election was held just the other day and one of the Muslim candidates, a young fellow, has been petitioning hard to allow Dearborn residents who happen to be back in Lebanon and Syria to be counted in the vote.. I’m sure he would garner 100 percent of any of those absentee votes. Community organizing at work. Isn’t democracy grand?

Joel Peterson writes:

Clark Coleman writes:

“My conclusion: Muslims are incompatible with Western civilization.”

Yes, it is so painfully obvious. And yet too many Christians—including the apologists featured in the video—absolutely refuse to come to grips with this reality.

The two Christian apologists who video taped this are Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood. Some time ago, I had a brief conversation with these two on their blog “Answering Muslims.” In response to a posting of Mr. Wood that featured a highlight of the latest Muslim outrage on Western soil, I simply asked him what we, as Western Christians, should do about this Muslim problem. I wanted him to give me solutions instead of simply whining about how much havoc the Muslims are creating within our borders. His response was basically this: We need to reach out to them through debate and dialogue and convince them that they’re wrong. Essentially, he thinks the proper course of action is converting upwards of three million Muslims (in the U.S. and counting) to Christianity (or, at least Islamic skepticism) before they can destroy us!

When I called him out on his liberal, suicidal thinking (I didn’t use those exact words) and suggested restrictions on immigration and other such necessary measures, he became angry, accused me of misrepresenting him, and refused to talk about it further. Mr. Qureshi then entered the fray (along with a few other commenters) and they, too, took exception to what I was saying. According to them, I was confusing the City of God with the City of Men; my views were unChrist-like and “extreme.”

And this was coming from people who are fully aware of what Islam is about. These are not your typical “Islam means peace” ignoramuses. They know exactly what Muhammad and the Koran teach, and they are unashamed to tell the truth about it, even to Muslims themselves. And yet liberal principle (though shalt not discriminate, all men are equal, etc.), which all too many Westerners confuse for Christian principle, has so brainwashed these people that not even true knowledge of the enemy and their purposes is enough to wake them from their slumber. Amazing.

I haven’t been back to that website since, the conversation so depressed me. Of course sharia is in the U.S.! We let it in, and continue to do so!

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