Not Embarrassed to be a Moronic Latina; or, the Ugly Un-American

Below I’ve copied the CNN column, “Proud to be a ‘wise Latina,’” by Maria Hinojosa, which Jonathan W. astutely writes about in the previous entry. (Comments in this entry begin here.)

Jonathan emphasizes the un-American politics of ethnic power that Hinojosa pushes in the second half of her article. But at the beginning of the piece is something perhaps equally offensive. Hinojosa expresses overflowing pride in her 11-year-old daughter’s expressed desire to wear a T-shirt declaring, “I am a wise Latina” (a T-shirt the mother herself wears), which the mother sees as the moment of her daughter’s blossoming into autonomous womanhood. And this gross Hispanic ethnic (and sexual) chauvinism, echoing and expanding on Sonia Sotomayor’s gross Hispanic ethnic chauvinism, gets published in a mainstream publication.
The smile of the self-loving, self-congratulating,
self-worshipping Wise Latina

I wonder, what is the worst thing here: the stunning moronism of Hinojosa’s thought process, the sheer ugliness of her attitude, or the fact that she is button-poppingly proud of both? As Hispanics continue to gain numbers and power in the U.S., it will progressively be transformed into a Latin-American type polity, with all the stupidity, emotionalism, and thuggishness that that implies. Even now Hispanics boast of the fact (as Hinojosa does in this article ) that they are changing the U.S. into a Hispanic country. Such is our future, unless the still existing Euro-American majority—or, rather, the patriotic minority thereof—stops and reverses the Hispanicization of the U.S.

Commentary: Proud to be a ‘wise Latina’

NEW YORK (CNN)—It’s a question I never thought I would ask my daughter. But I loved being able to ask it.


“Yes, Mom,” my 11-year-old daughter said.

“Tell me what T-shirt you would most like to wear: one that says ‘I am a Wise Latina,’ ‘My Mother is a Wise Latina’ or ‘Sonia is a Wise Latina’?”

She cocked her head slightly and then quickly said, “I am a Wise Latina.”

Eleven years old, and this is the vision she already has of herself. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to watch that certain something blossom in a girl … one of those often fleeting moments when a girl owns her own power.

For me, the decision to wear my own “Wise Latina” T-shirt raises all kinds of issues. It makes me confront a past that I have known for decades. Deep down inside, I, like many other Latinas, struggle with my own very deep insecurities in relation to my white male colleagues. I think after witnessing history on television for the past two weeks, those insecurities have pretty much dissipated.

Sonia Sotomayor has blazed the trail. I can’t go back to thinking that way, anymore, ever.

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Before, when I told people that I was a Latina, I never knew what, if any, image they might have in their mind. Everyone carries stereotypes and preconceived notions. But now when I say to people that I am a Latina, might they immediately think, “A wise Latina”?

My daughter is learning all of these lessons from Sotomayor, a Puerto Rican woman. When I was Yurema’s age, back in the ’70s, the only Puerto Rican woman I knew of was Maria (played by Natalie Wood) from “West Side Story.” I grew up on the South Side of Chicago after being born in Mexico.

My Puerto Rican Maria from West Side Story taught me that love and commitment could transcend borders and divisions. Sonia is teaching Yurema, and all of us, that intelligence and compassion (and an honest way with words) can also cross all borders: political ones, those of gender or ethnicity.

And I have learned that my own challenge now is to reach this very high bar that Sotomayor has set. I must “own” that I am, indeed, a wise Latina.

Later on the day of the T-shirt decision, my daughter hears my reaction when I read that Sen. John McCain, whom my daughter knows well because we followed the election, is going to vote against Sotomayor’s confirmation.

“What a big jerk!” was her age-appropriate response.

Then, after a pause, Yurema said, “So that means John McCain thinks Sarah Palin is a wise woman? But not Sonia? Harrumph.”

“Harrumph” is also an age-appropriate response. But the lasting impact of McCain’s decision will be much more profound than upsetting an 11-year-old wise Latina girl.

In fact, I would venture to say that, politically, there are many in the Republican Party who are convinced this was a politically unwise choice by McCain.

It’s just not that complicated. Look at the changing demographics in the United States. Then think about what happens when you vote against the first Latina Supreme Court nominee.

Maybe McCain isn’t wise enough to see that reality, so I will tell him a story about a Dominican-born, U.S. citizen cabby from my Harlem neighborhood.

While he drove down Broadway, I asked the cabby if he thought that President Obama was pandering to the Latino communities across the country with the Sotomayor nomination.

Pero muchacha!” he exclaimed in a true Dominican style. “He is not pandering. He owes us! Everyone knows now that without the Latino vote, you cannot win the presidency. He has to deliver, politically. I am a new citizen, and I voted for Obama my first time. Just like a bunch of us Dominican cabbies. Now this is my country and my politics.”

“And is that the way you guys talk amongst yourselves? That the Latino vote is that powerful?”

“Yep, asi lo vemos. That’s how we see it! But even though we love Sonia, Obama still owes us.”

And what must Obama deliver to satisfy this very politically astute cabby?

Imigracion! He must solve this immigration problem. Families are divided up. It is unjust. So Obama must understand that is what we want him to deliver now.”

A wise Latino with some wise advice for the president. And for McCain and the Republican Party?

Buena suerte, winning the next elections! [“Buena suerte” means “good luck.”]

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Maria Hinojosa.

[end of article]

- end of initial entry -

Paul Nachman writes:

Your blog entry about Hinojosa and her daughter leads you to write, not for the first time, about the Hispanicization of the U.S.. You write similarly of the Islamic threat.

It occurred to me earlier this evening that we’re threatened by both a fifth column and a sixth column. Which is which? Your choice …

LA replies:

Well, according to the anti-Semites, I’m the fifth column.

Jim C. writes:

We all know that the agenda behind such a stupid expression is Hispanic parasitism of whites. Hispanics and blacks realize deep down that they are inferior, so it’s logical—and Darwinian—of them to demand proportional representation in such swell goodies like a Supreme Court seat

The title: We Are Not Good Parasites

LA replies:

Two replies:

First, I have always avoided using the word “inferior” to speak of groups that are less capable than whites in various ways. But the vicious parasitic mindset of Sotomayor and Hinojosa simply deserves it.

Second, Hinojosa herself says:

Deep down inside, I, like many other Latinas, struggle with my own very deep insecurities in relation to my white male colleagues.

Of course this Bronze Broad will say that her deep insecurities in relation to white men are caused by the culturally dominant white male narrative that diminishes the value of Latinas. But what she’s really admitting is that she deservedly feels insecure—because she is intellectually INFERIOR. An inferiority amply and painfully demonstrated by her column.

Charles T. writes:

Her article is a declaration of political and racial war against any non-Hispanic who dares cross her tribe.

Tim W. writes:

If Latinas (and Latinos) are so wise, why do they need affirmative action?

For that matter, why are they coming here in such massive numbers? They dominate a large chunk of earth from the Rio Grande all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. This is a huge land mass filled with natural resources, rivers, and harbors. It includes several large population countries with massive cities. Yet they can’t make a go of it and must sneak into our nation and operate as a racial pack, demanding handouts and race preferences over Anglo whites.

Someone should tell Maria Hinojosa that it’s unwise to boast of one’s wisdom, even if one possesses it. It’s particularly unwise to boast of it while complaining that the standardized tests you keep flunking are unfair.

Terry Morris writes:

I’m telling you, man, we’re on the fast track to a civil war in this country. Not just because of the Hispanic problem, but because of the totality of what liberalism has wrought on this nation, which is embodied in the personhood of our alien-in-chief, Hussein Obama. Best be prepared for what is coming.

August 7

Paul Nachman replies to LA:

OK, so fifth, sixth, and seventh. Who am I to quibble?

Van Wijk writes:

Hispanics would probably have a more successful conquest if they laid low and refrained from such in-your-face trash-talking as Hinojosa’s column. If they became good neighbors and convinced the gringos that they are here for a better life and mean well, their conquest could be completed within a few generations without a shot being fired. But they are either too stupid or arrogant to forego the machismo so integral to their culture. The attitude of the conqueror will henceforth be on display not only in editorials, but also on the street. White people will come to feel physically threatened by Hispanic interlopers, leading to a visceral reaction in the healthy ones, and close contact will make it plain that Hispanics did not come here to live and let live. So the attitude displayed by Hinojosa may work to our advantage.

What most struck me about Hinojosa’s column was this:

Pero muchacha!” he exclaimed in a true Dominican style. “He is not pandering. He owes us! Everyone knows now that without the Latino vote, you cannot win the presidency. He has to deliver, politically.”

Obama does well when he can hold up white America as Emanuel Goldstein. [LA replies: I don’t understand.] But tribal loyalty always begets tribal warfare. Hispanics are not Obama’s tribe, and it is no secret that blacks do not love Hispanics, especially illegals. Dominican cabbies and their ilk will become more emboldened with each perceived success, and when Obama runs (even temporarily) out of Officer Crowleys to throw to the mob he will be in trouble. This may also work to our advantage if we can quietly see to our own defenses as the other tribes battle for turf.

Terry Morris writes:

You wrote:

Hinojosa expresses overflowing pride in her 11-year-old daughter’s expressed desire to wear a T-shirt declaring, “I am a wise Latina” (a T-shirt the mother herself wears), which the mother sees as the moment of her daughter’s blossoming into autonomous womanhood.

Yes, just one more indication that Hinojosa is herself a moron. Let us keep in mind that mother Hinojosa prompted daughter Hinojosa to answer with her question concerning which T-shirt she would choose to wear. It’s not as though daughter Hinojosa approached mother Hinojosa asking whether she could wear a T-shirt expressing her “Wise Latina” status. Mother Hinojosa initiated the conversation and she established the boundaries. Each T-shirt she mentioned contained the words “wise Latina.” Daughter Hinojosa likely would not have approached Mom with the proposition on her own accord, so I’m not real sure how her answer to Mom’s loaded question indicates to Mom daughter’s blossoming into autonomous womanhood.

By the way, I get the impression that mother Hinojosa is a single mom. Do you know whether this is true?

Terry Morris continues:

Also, I think the title of the entry should be: “Proud to be a moronic Latina raising up a Latina moron.”

Stephen T. writes:

If you didn’t know Maria Hinojosa was talking about a Supreme Court appointment you might think she was boasting the illustrious victory of her top seed in a Tijuana cockfight ring. I’m left wondering if she didn’t go out into her backyard and cap off a few 9mm rounds into the air, too. Rather than expressing (and inculcating in her daughter) a gracious sense of modesty, responsibility and gratitude re the Sotomayor appointment, that genetic Mexican instinct to belligerently strut and swagger kicks in and takes over for all to see. This is followed by the inevitable braggadocio of glorious conquest and dominion: The dramatic, manhood-restoring sweeping away of any/all Anglos (like McCain) who dare resist the Brown Wave. It’s been the aphrodisiacal fantasy of Mexicans for 200 years.

I remember when three million illegal aliens flooded the streets of L.A. waving Mexican flags and declaring grand victory over the Europeans. Dennis Prager came on the air and said in this shocked, whiny-white-boy tone, “Couldn’t at least ONE person carry a sign that says, ‘Thank you, dear Americans, we are grateful to you for letting us come to your country and escape our own failed land?’ ” This is a prime example of the fatal inability of naive whites to realize that they are dealing with a culture TOTALLY different from all those Europeans who previously immigrated to this country. Maria Hinojosa is just one more example. She won’t be the last by any means.

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