Further doubts about Bachmann

Steve W. writes:

I continue to have serious doubts about Michele Bachmann’s presidential candidacy. As of today, she still does not have a full campaign website where she spells out her positions on the issues of the day. Why not? It seems to me that either she was not prepared to jump into the race when she did, or she does not yet know what her positions are going to be. I’m very curious to see how much her positions, once articulated, reflect the views of a “constitutional conservative” (as she describes herself) or someone who (in Paul K.’s words) “knows what she has to say in order to maintain political viability.” Her surprisingly vacuous comments about our Afghanistan misadventure are not encouraging.

LA replies:

But remember, she has not “formally” announced her candidacy yet. Maybe she will launch a full website when she makes that announcement.

Steve W. replies:

So she’s officially but informally running for president???

LA replies:

She announced at the debate last Monday that she had filed papers for her candidacy, and said she would be making a formal announcement later in the month.

Yes, it’s ridiculous, with announcements of candidacies broken into stages. Romney’s campaign announced that he would be announcing a week before he announced.

Apart from Afghanistan, my concern about Bachmann is that I need to see from her something more than a collection of the “correct” conservative positions. I need to see that she has the vision and capability of leadership.

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