The evil BBC

You’ve probably seen the news about the BBC admitting its left-wing bias. Unfortunately, to describe the BBC as biased is a huge understatement. The sheer cold malevolence toward Israel, toward America, toward traditional Britain, toward the West, toward God, toward existence itself that emanates from the BBC newsreaders and reporters is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It chills the soul. Soviet newscasters were mere grumpy apparatchniks by comparison.

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Peter G. writes:

I read the post about the BBC. Ironically, the Brits have done this to themselves. Twice they impowered the Socialists under the Cheshire cat Blair, who made the implementation of an ideologically Marxist, operationally fascist state possible with a smile on his face.

A hideous reality permeates life in Britain, constant surveillance by tens of thousands of CTV’s and the army of peering eyes behind them. The bureaucracy has been increased by nearly a million new government workers, who are in the business of minding everyone else’s business, yet the people are somehow anesthetized to such conspicuous changes.

No idea, feeling, action or verbal dissent to the state approved thinking has escaped legislative attention. Much like ancient Rome, worship of the state is now an a priori expectation of its citizenry.

I went to school in England in the early seventies, didn’t get a sense of an impending cultural implosion. What it does show is how rapidly state controlled mass media can demoralize and animate a civilization against itself.

As in Canada, where government education and media cowed the people into intellectual torpor, it’s questionable if they’ll ever snap out it.

A reader sent this:

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” - Joseph Goebbels

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