Another sign that the Israelis are not just grimly set on surviving, but are alive

From the Jerusalem Post (via Powerline):

Although most of the recent talk regarding flotillas has revolved around ships sailing toward Gaza, at least two plans have emerged for “reverse flotillas”—from Israel toward Turkey—to highlight what organizers have labeled the Turks’ “shameless hypocrisy” in their criticisms of the Jewish state.

The most ambitious of the two plans has been devised by members of Israel’s National Student Union, who this week announced their intention to set sail toward Turkey, in an effort to bring humanitarian aid to the “oppressed people of Turkish Kurdistan” and to members of the “Turkish Armenian minority.”

This is exactly the kind of creative, visionary thinking that is needed, and shows that at least some Israelis are stepping out of the defeatist Oslo mentality that has paralyzed that country for the last two decades—“We apologize for existing, we’re good people, please don’t hurt us”—and taking the fight to the enemy.

However, I see a practical drawback in the idea. What if Turkey simply allows the ship to land? The Turks will then be able to say to the Israelis: “We allowed your humanitarian ship to land in Turkey, so you should allow the peace flotilla to land in Gaza.”

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