Douglas Feith speaks!

I read Maureen Dowd, oh, once every three or four years, but her account of the mysterious and demonized Douglas Feith speaking to an assembled galaxy of neocons at AEI about his new book is worth reading. Maybe the talk will be shown on C-SPAN and we’ll get a chance to see what he looks like. It never made sense to me that Feith, the former number three at the Pentagon, was the sinister mastermind behind Bush’s disastrous Iraq policy that the anti-war right obsessively portrayed him as being, since, based on the few articles of his I had read, he seemed seriously dumb … but maybe that’s the answer to the mystery. Put together Rice in the White House with Feith at Defense, and you’ve got enough thick-headedness to construct a Siegfried Wall.

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Howard Sutherland writes:

Interesting analogy. Of course the Siegfied Line was a failure (your analogy is apt there), although it cost the good guys plenty of trouble before failing.

LA replies:

The analogy was to the thickness and impermeability, not to the function, of the Siegfried Wall.

Mr. Sutherland replies:
I think your analogy works on several levels; that’s why I liked it. Condo-whozawhatsit and Feith (he’s the one Gen. Franks—not himself the brightest bulb to wear stars—called “the f——ing stupidest guy on the face of the earth”) are thick and intellectually impermeable. They are also failures, just like the Siegfried Line. Rice failed the United States as national security advisor and is still failing us as Secretary of State—what a disgrace to promote her to that office after her worse than mediocre tenure as NSA. As far as I can tell, Feith failed the United States in his DOD sinecure. And in his case, if we credit the accusations that he is actually more motivated to help Israel than America (case not proven, to my mind), Feith has failed Israel as well!

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