Why do white liberals loath themselves?

Reader John D. writes:

As I read daily your thoughts and ideas, I am increasingly in tune with your philosophies. But, as I continue to find myself in the midst of this liberal hell which we as a race have created for ourselves, and not knowing the exit strategy from such liberal madness and its destructive path, I have come to the conclusion that it means searching for the answer to one very significant question:

There must be a common factor which compels most, if not all, liberal white men to be so self loathing that it would carry them to such great lengths as to put their entire race on this ultimate path of self destruction. I truly believe that the self loathing characteristic is the underlying common attribute of the liberal white man, an inherent trait of those with the disorder. But what is it that makes this happen? I have never had an in depth conversation with a true liberal that did not possess this particular characteristic, to one degree or another. So in your view, from where does this self loathing originate and, is there a remedy for it aside from acceptance of God?

LA replies:

First, I need to point out that whenever I talk about white liberal guilt or self-loathing, others will always reply that the liberal elites do not loath themselves but adore themselves. This is true. But why do they adore themselves? They adore themselves because they despise the historically loathsome society in which they live. Even if the elites adore themselves, they still think their larger society does not deserve to survive. So, whether an individual white person loathes himself or or loves himself, it comes to the same thing. The loathsomeness of the white West is still the central fact around which all else revolves.

As for why this is so, do you not feel that the explanation I have given before is sufficient? Namely:

(1) The modern West has rejected God, truth, and the transcendent (or, alternatively, it says that God, truth, and the transcendent, even if they exist, have no place in human society because such beliefs become the basis of oppression).

(2) The abolition of any higher truth or criterion means that all values are equal, all behaviors are equal, all persons are equal, all cultures are equal. The belief in the secular equality of mankind becomes a new god, replacing the Israelite-Christian God and the belief in any objective moral framework of the universe.

(3) The actual superiority, dominance and success of the white West violates this sacred equality and so renders the white West disgusting and repulsive. The white West must be dragged down, to eliminate the inequality.

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