Language suited to a prosecution in a totalitarian, scratch that, a liberal society

Jim H. writes:

I find the language of the affidavit in the Zimmerman case very interesting, as it appears to say something while not really saying anything at all. Imagine history written in the style of the affidavit:

The War in the Pacific: “The United States profiled Japan. The United States confronted Japan and a struggle ensued.”

John the Baptist: “John the Baptist profiled Herod. John confronted Herod and a struggle ensued.”

The War in North Africa: “General Patton profiled General Rommel. Patton confronted Rommel and a struggle ensued.”

After six weeks of investigation the affidavit says more about the snack foods purchased by Martin than it does about the encounter that led to his death. What’s wrong with this picture?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 14, 2012 05:07 PM | Send

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