Duke community is shocked, shocked, to find that sexual promiscuity has been going on in this establishment

A recent female graduate of Duke University (which by coincidence, or rather by synchronicity, just happens to have been the model for the liberal arts college in Tom Wolfe’s novel of student sexual liberation, My Name is Charlotte Simmons) has written and released on the Web a mock academic paper in PowerPoint format recounting her college career of sexual promiscuity. Her “achievements” included going to bed with thirteen Duke athletes, whom she rates on a sexual grading scale. The document has the university community in a tizzy, but, as is usually the case with liberals, it’s not clear what they are upset about, nor, based on their own premises and beliefs, why they should be upset about anything. Having permitted and fostered an academic environment in which extreme student promiscuity is the norm, why should the university be bothered by a student who writes about her promiscuity? Is it that she named her partners? Or is it the way she objectifies them? Or is it that she went after and wrote about athletes? Or is it the fact that she released the document on the Web? No one seems to know for sure. Liberals have difficulty articulating these things to themselves. They just feel, instinctively, when something has gone “too far,” and then they respond in consternation or horror to the very thing they have encouraged or taken for granted up to this point, refusing to see the causal connection between the thing they approve and the thing they disapprove.

Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife reflects on the university’s and the liberal media’s clueless reaction to the event, and suggests how a non-clueless university would have reacted.

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