Black savagery, cont.

Concerning the so-called Jena Six, Carol Swain, black author of The New White Nationalism, writes:

Almost a year ago, my 41-year-old brother, Kevin Henderson, died from injuries he sustained on his job after he was attacked by a group of teenage boys.

According to a neighbor who witnessed the attack, five teens knocked my brother to the ground, kicking and stomping him until the neighbor intervened. Kevin staggered home, collapsed into a coma and was declared brain-dead within hours of the attack.

Do people of other races behave in this way? No. This sort of murderous pack savagery is characteristic of blacks and blacks only. Yet it is never identified as a black phenomenon. This doesn’t mean that all blacks, or a majority of blacks, or a large minority of blacks, are savages. It means that this specific type of behavior is recurrent among blacks and among no other race. And therefore in our liberal society, which lets go of moral restraints while prohibiting any consciousness of negative minority behaviors, such black savagery will be increasingly unleashed.

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A reader writes:

You are really overreaching to say that no other races beat each other to death as in the Carol Swain brother story. You do set yourself up as a racist when you say things like that. Just stick to the facts and stop with the sweeping generalizations.

It’s not even said in the article that the guys who beat him up were black, although they probably were. I think she was trying to point out that a beating can be murderous.

LA replies:

She never says that the killers were black, but in the rest of the article she makes very clear that they are.

I’m trying to get at a particular form of behavior, totally uncontrolled savagery—wilding, the Wichita massacre, the Knoxville atrocity, the murder of Swain’s brother, ganging around a prone person and spontaneously kicking him to death—which comes virtually entirely from blacks and not from other groups. And then there is the rape/sexual mutilation of thousands of women going on now in Congo, as covered in the NYT on Sunday, which I linked.

This savagery among blacks exists, it’s a real phenomenon in the world, yet its existence is never discussed. I know that I risk being considered a racist for pointing this out but I think it’s important to do so. If racism is morally wrong, and if speaking the truth about an important fact that everyone is ignoring is morally right, then what I’m doing is not racist.

And by the way, have you ever written to any conservative blog or magazine saying that by praising and publishing the anti-Christian bigot Christopher Hitchens—who unlike me demonizes an entire group—they are setting themselves up as haters of Christians? Why is demonizing the entire Christian religion acceptable and indeed laudatory, while pointing to the recurrent savagery of a subset of the black population makes one a pariah? Isn’t there something seriously amiss with such a moral code?

Reader replies:
I’m sure there are instances of whites beating blacks or other whites to death. And how about lynching as a uniquely white form of violence? Or castrating blacks?

LA replies:

I talked about the Emmett Till murder in my first blog entry on the Knoxville atrocity last January. I pointed out how white cruelty and atrocities toward blacks, which took place in particular historical circumstances and came to an end, have resulted in whites guiltily refusing to recognize the ongoing, chronic truth about black savagery, a refusal to face reality that puts everyone at risk.

LA continues:

Let me repeat. I am not saying that blacks as blacks are savages. I am not trying to create feelings of fear and repulsion toward black people as black people. I personally like black individuals, In daily life, I respond in a normal, positive, friendly, respectful way to black people whom I encounter. I do not go around looking at blacks as violent criminals and savages.

Nevertheless, a distinctive type of black savagery exists. And society needs to recognize it.

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