There is no Obama birth certificate in Hawaii

Many individuals with inquiring minds have requested a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate from the government of the state of Hawaii, and they’ve all been turned down, because, they were told, they had no need to know. This has left the truth of matter in doubt: is there a birth certificate which Obama doesn’t want released, because it contains damaging information about him, or is there no birth certificate at all?

However, when the governor of Hawaii himself initiates a search for the birth certificate, and can’t find it (see my discussion today), I think we can reasonably conclude that the birth certificate doesn’t exist.

Unless, unless … Abercrombie now knows or has been told about the damaging contents of the birth certificate, and has become part of the cover-up, which he has done by indirectly hinting that he can’t find the birth certificate, and talking instead about some vague written “recording” of the birth which he has found.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 19, 2011 01:00 PM | Send

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