What an idiot, cont.

Richard W. writes:

Your additional comment in relation to our exchange is excellent. I think you explain very well your earlier claim that materialism harms the traditionalist ability to resist cultural destruction.

Plus, we need some relief from Gatesgate. My sides ache from laughing at how silly Obama et al. look.

LA replies:

Did you ever see a political leader sound as ridiculous as Obama did in his appearance yesterday in the White House press room, simultaneously apologizing for sticking his nose into a local law enforcement issue and exacerbating the problem, AND insisting that he must continue to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong because such nose-sticking is part of “my portfolio.”

The man is a fool. But he’s also evil. He strangely combines both sides, as I’ve been trying to explain/understand lately.

At the same time, we must acknowledge, as part of the Obama reality, and coexisting with the absolute nonsense that comes out of his mouth, his thoughtful, collected, benign persona, which wins over many people and blinds them to what he is about. A reader said to me recently that he can’t stand watching Obama speak and feels all his mannerisms are repellently fake. I have felt that a bit with regard to Obama’s big set speeches. I don’t feel it when I see him making more informal statements and answering questions such as his press room appearance yesterday (though I admit I have watched him very little). He has a thoughtful, steady, pleasing, demeanor—indeed, that demeanor is his special gift that led to his election as president. Can’t we grant him that?

Ray G. writes from Dearborn, Michigan:

I’ll give Barry credit for his calm demeanor but I also think a good part of that is studied. In fact, he mentions this in one of his opus books—that one (specifically a black man) must assume a calm, friendly manner when trying to win over traditional/conservative type people. This is classic Alinsky, if I’m not mistaken.

But I also agree with the reader that you refer to; I am mostly irritated when I hear his voice. I find it so turgid, so careful and so practiced that I tune it out very quickly. We all see his “shtick”—playing the role of dispassionate mediator, looking down at the mere mortals who have their petty points of view and bringing them together to hold hands and sing Kumbaya (sp?).

It’s old hat by now.

LA replies:

You’re probably right. My relatively positive impression of his demeanor is probably due to the fact that I loathe him so much that I rarely watch him. Now figure that out.

Ray replies:

You’re killing me…..no way, I can’t figure that out! I hate to jinx it by mentioning it but it finally seems some of the public is waking up to this anti-American doofus. The lower those poll numbers fall, the less political power he’ll have. Down, baby, down!

LA replies:

The way I revised and posted my earlier comment its less obscure than my e-mail to you and makes more sense I think. When I said I avoid watching him, I didn’t mean that I never watch him, I meant that by seeing him so infrequently, perhaps I catch him in relatively good moments, while at the same time I don’t see him so often that his annoying qualities start to get to me.

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