Mob shuts down school board meeting in Tucson

Randy writes:

This is unbelievable. A mob of Hispanic students took over a Tucson school board meeting and the white members canceled the meeting and fled. The police stood by and did nothing. The protest was over a vote the board was going to take that would have made a course in Hispanic studies elective rather than being REQUIRED as it is now. The course includes the infamous textbook “Occupied America” that includes the familiar “reconquista” and “kill the Gringo” quotes we have seen over the years.

Whenever I see various predictions about some supposed Republican/conservative revival, I think of the statistics on how many public students in California and the Southwest are Hispanic (50 percent in California), the rates of Hispanic growth-especially among the under 30, and the fact that they will form a huge voting block in future elections, it would appear impossible to overcome. These people despise the U.S., our Constitution, and anyone outside the “race.” They are violent and lawless. In short time the Southwest will be just another savage, Third World region ruled by arrogant HISPANIC dictators. Whites in the Southwest will be just like whites in South Africa. In fact, one of the Hispanic activists stated Tucson is no better than apartheid South Africa where the minority (whites) are oppressing the majority (Hispanics). I guess he sees the future accurately.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 30, 2011 12:47 PM | Send

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