Liberalism not only leaves whites helpless before black racial violence, but destroys their minds in the process

Cicero writes:

Here is a link to a story I just posted at The Big Lie on Parade. A young white man was set upon my two black thugs outside of a fast food joint in Sacramento after he refused their “request” for change. His face is so swollen that it is disturbing to see. The twist here is that one of the thugs may well be the same man who beat a white mentally disabled woman (caught on video) a couple of months ago. Notice that the story focuses more on how wonderful and caring the victim’s father is than on the crime itself or on the fact that, if true, this would be the second white person this savage has beaten in a matter of weeks.
LA replies:

The news segment, despite talking at length about the effort to find the assailants, has no description of the assailants.

Cicero replies:

One thing I have discovered from going through tons of stories for BLP is that they almost never do. Yet the police will have the gall to ask for any information from the public. I just posted a story about a good Samaritan in Virginia who was beaten, and there is no description of either the victim or the criminals. Yet the police ask for help! It is insane!

LA replies:

From one angle it is insane; from another it is Orwellian mind control. The media and the police, by urging the public to come forward with information about the criminals, even as the police and media withhold the victim’s own description of the criminals, send such a contradictory message that it paralyzes the minds of the public. It is the same with the federal government urging us to be on the alert for possible terrorism, while prohibiting descriptions of the terrorists. It is the same with the neoconservatives telling us we are “at war with radical Islam,” i.e., with Islam, thus getting us into a hyper-adrenalized state about the Islam threat, while simultaneously telling us that the only solution to the Islam threat is to cultivate the chimera of “moderate” Islam by making friends with Muslims, thus short-circuiting the very alarm about Islam that they called into being. One of the main jobs of liberalism is to incapacitate people’s rational faculty and their will, so as to assure the smooth running of the liberal order and the steady destruction of liberalism’s host society and culture.

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Cicero writes:

I agree with your last comment. But at the same time it is very encouraging to read the comments following many of these stories where no description is given. People see right through the Orwellian Kabuki nonsense and are just not buying it. Here are a few comments following the good Samaritan posting I talked about:

—Since there was no mention of race and no real description, I’m going to guess they were black. If I’m wrong, (which I doubt) I’ll be stunned. The media needs to be honest, we can’t help otherwise.

- “Anyone with information should contact authorities.” Maybe throw out a description? Something for people to go on? ANYthing?”

- “Trust me, no further description will be forthcoming”

- “You actually NEED a description??”

- “Because no race was mentioned, that means they were BLACK? No, they were black, because of the un-provoked and senseless hobby violence.”

Paul K. writes:

The thought processes of a liberal journalist must be something like this:

PROBLEM: Blacks are arrested and convicted for committing violent crimes at a far higher rate than other groups. This causes racists to stigmatize blacks as having a propensity to commit crime. We must stop identifying criminals by race so that we don’t feed this racial stereotype. Also, whites and Asians do commit a certain amount of crime, so in those cases we should identify them by race so that the reader sees that it is not only blacks that commit crimes. However, people are so racist that they now assume that every time the race of criminals is not specifically identified, they are black.

STRATEGIES: Treat each case of black-on-white violence as a unique occurrence unconnected with all similar occurrences. Refuse to recognize any “trend” and apply the term racist to those who do. Also, while instantly expunging from memory all previous instances of black-on-white violence, regularly remind readers of all known cases of white-on-black violence extending into the last century: Emmett Till, James Byrd, Trayvon Martin, etc.

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