Vdare goes beyond anti-Israelism to anti-Semitism

For Palestinians, Every Day Is Kristallnacht

That’s the title of an article by Paul Craig Roberts published this past December at Vdare. I have many times urged Peter Brimelow in the strongest terms to stop publishing the hateful writings of Roberts. He has of course ignored my requests and those of others who have also pleaded with him to drop Roberts. Now he has gone so far as publish an article by Roberts which equates Jews with Nazis for defending themselves against people who seek their destruction.

When Taki last year said that Israel is “the Bernie Madoff of countries,” I wrote:

To call Israel the Bernie Madoff of countries, thus portraying the Jewish State as a nation of criminal sneaks through its supposed similarity to the Jewish Madoff, goes beyond Israel hatred and becomes Jew-hatred. Taki is an anti-Semite, a person who deliberately invokes hatred of Jews as Jews.

By the same token, to equate the Jewish state with the Nazis who dehumanized and mass murdered the Jews, to say that Israeli Jews are Nazi-like for defending themselves against Muslims, who, like the Nazis, seek to exterminate the Jews, goes beyond anti-Israelism and becomes anti-Semitism.

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Doug H. writes:

I couldn’t agree more. I have often wondered why he would publish this man’s comments. It makes the site seem like a place filled with conspiracy theory nuts.

LA replies:

Well, what’s the most economical explanation for a person repeatedly publishing the works of a conspiracy theory nut? Obviously, it’s that he agrees with him.

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