Wonder-worker Wilders continues to widen divisions among heretofore phalanx-like neocons

Here is Geert Wilders’s latest conversion of an establishment conservative to a realistic recognition of the nature of Islam. In an unsigned note, the neocon journal The New Criterion disagrees with neocon god Charles Krauthammer who recently put down Wilders as an extremist. The unnamed New Criterion writer—perhaps editor Roger Kimball himself—concludes that Wilders is probably correct when he says that there is no distinction between Islamism and Islam. Meaning that Islamism—that supposed perverted and unrepresentative offshoot of Islam which the neocons have always said is responsible for all the bad things Muslims do—does not exist. When Muslims do bad things to infidels, they are following, not “Islamism,” but Islam. “Islamism” is a chimera seized on by Westerners who are unwilling to face the simple fact that Islam itself is the problem.

All praise to Wilders, who is accomplishing what a million blog articles by yours truly could not have done, winning neocons, one by one, step by step, to the truth.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 05, 2010 11:45 AM | Send

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