Responding to the liberal argument that investigating Muslim radicalism and terrorism in the U.S. will turn Muslims into radicals and terrorists

Steve R. writes:

I’ve been engaged with friend of mine who was uncomfortable with the House Homeland Security Committee hearings on radical Islam. I took Rush’s thought for the day, “riffed” on it and passed this along.

The Islam apologists:

“The Peter King hearings on domestic terrorism will create a whole new generation of jihadists! We’re playing right into Al Qaida’s hands.”

So then on that basis:

Any criticism of the wildly crazy and violence-inciting Tea Party will create a whole new generation of more violent Tea Partiers. It plays right into the evil Koch’s hands.

With Rush’s insight as a platform I continued:

Obviously you don’t suppress investigating danger for fear that it causes greater danger. Less obvious is what liberals will not admit, yet depend on—that right-wing whites behave more morally than Islam-based or darker-skinned cultures.

Liberals don’t worry about raking Tea Partiers over the coals because they aren’t concerned about a violent backlash. Liberals realize that only an immoral culture might resort to greater violence if criticized without emotion. Liberals pretend that Tea Partiers are immoral, racist, out of control and incite violence. On that basis you’d think they’d want to tippy toe around them like they warn us we must do with Muslims.

But just like the two black “civil rights” icons who walked right through a crowd of Tea Partiers, liberals know they can absolutely depend on the civility of Tea Partiers. Imagine what would happen if David Duke walked through a Black pride rally or Avigdor Lieberman walked through a crowd of Muslims coming out of Friday prayers. Neither of those two ever incited violence against those groups, but it wouldn’t make a whit of difference to those crowds.

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March 17

Greg W. writes:

The left does not want any minority group demeaned or any pattern of minority criminal behavior recognized as it will make the Great Diversity Experiment look bad and cause whites to become anti-immigrant or embrace white nationalism. They will attach “white” or “Christian” to a group they deem as extremists, but refuse to attach “Muslim” or “black” or any other minority group to an obvious recognizable pattern of behavior.

This is why the Left abhors these hearings. It’s not so much about demeaning Muslims as a whole or being scared of creating a new generation of terrorists, it’s about perpetually defending minorities who behave badly so gullible white people continue to go along with the diversity racket. We’re all just people and any recognized pattern of behavior by minorities is racist. If the majority whites ever wake up and see what’s going on, they may just start to fight back against a policy meant to replace them in their native land.

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