One quarter of births in Britain are to immigrant mothers

From the Daily Mail:

Quarter of Britain’s babies are born to foreign mothers—and this is where they all come from

* Most mothers came from Poland, India and Pakistan, figures reveal
* A total of 184,000 children born in these circumstances in NHS hospitals
* The overall 25.5 percent rate is the highest since records began in 1969
* In London in 2011 56.7 percent of new mums were originally from outside the UK
* Newham in London has a rate of 77 percent of foreign mothers
* The lowest levels were in the north-east of England
* Net migration is still at more than 200,000, much higher than the 2015 target of under 100,000

A reader in England, who sent the story, notes:

Soon it will be over 50 percent.

And the British do not have the desire to stop it.

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