Black flash mobs spread to Canada

Max P. writes:

Here is a July 30 story from Canada about a convenience store that was robbed by about 40 “teens.” The story does not give the racial background of the suspects. But since it provides the store’s surveillance video, it’s not hard to determine. There may be two or three that are biracial or maybe even white, but the overwhelming majority are clearly black.

I found this passage telling. It implies the management of the store did not like the video of the crime being posted online. Was it because the video clearly showed one group as the main culprit?

The clerk, who is in his 60s was terrified when the mob entered, said Ajmal.

The incident was also caught on surveillance video, which was posted to Youtube by Ajmal’s son asking anyone who recognized the culprits to call police.

The video was quickly removed Friday after Quickie management caught wind of the effort.

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JC in Houston writes:

Notice how the news article describes these thugs as “feisty youth.” Reminds me of the famous ”that’s not a knife” scene in “Crocodile Dundee” where Dundee describes the hoodlums as “just kids out having fun.”

LA replies:

Yes, the violent predators are just kids having fun, and their victims are people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And let us repeat: the overwhelming reason for the ubiquitous use of this relativistic dishonest language that softens the seriousness of crime is that the crime is committed by nonwhites.

Which leads to another thought. Conservatives who complain about moral relativism while staying away from issues related to race cannot effectively critique even the moral relativism, because the relativism is itself race related. Take Victor Hanson. He was genuinely troubled, in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen in him before, by the police chief’s statements including his calling this a “random” crime. But why did the police chief call it a “random” crime? Because the officialdom and elites of America have a conscious agenda to soften the impact of black and Hispanic violence, especially when directed at whites. The destruction of normal moral judgment of criminal violence doesn’t come out of nowhere; it comes from the need to suppress and erase negative reactions to minority groups. The worse the behavior of certain minorities becomes, the more that bad behavor must be covered up.

Further, because blacks are so far below other groups in so many areas, not just law abidingness, traditional standards in all areas must be lowered to avoid negative evaluations of blacks. The point is that you cannot be a serious cultural conservative without taking in the reality of race differences and how the standards of our civilization are being radically reduced to make race differences seem less significant than they really are.

Of course I’m not saying that race is the only engine of relativism; but it is a very important one.

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