The other side (on Scozzafava) is heard from

Appearing on Greta van Susteren’s program, Newt Gingrich articulately defends his support for New York State Republican congressional candidate Deirdre Scozzafava. However, his opening point that the anti-Scozzafava conservatives are hypocritically contradicting their belief in the Tenth Amendment and states’ rights by supposedly interfering in New York State affairs is pure hooey. This is not about states’ rights; no one is denying the right of the New York State Republican party to nominate whom they like. It’s about whether other people support that candidate or not.

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N. writes:

Gingrich’s remark on TV regarding the NY State election and the 10th Amendment is not just hooey, it is foolish junk-thought. While people can and do mis-speak in such situations all the time, anyone who is a serious conservative thinker should be sufficiently grounded in an understanding of the Constitution so as to avoid saying such an ignorant thing.

Gingrich should be held to account for his ridiculous view of the 10th, and either explain why he said such a thing, or be held up as a poseur. This isn’t a small point, proper understanding of the 10th, debate about its meaning is as important now as any other time in US history.

I can’t say I am disappointed, because I quit taking Gingrich seriously years ago. It is annoying, though, to have such a juvenile view of the 10th Amendment bandied about on TV.

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