Britain strips off the human mask of liberalism

The House of Commons this week passed the Sexual Orientation Regulations, a radical liberal bill that prohibits any discrimination against homosexuals in the provision of goods and services. Thus if you’re renting a room in your house, you would not have the right to refuse to rent to a homosexual couple. Presenting herself as an opponent of this totalitarian bill, Melanie Phillips actually supports it. She is only unhappy about it because a special exception was not allowed for Catholic adoption agencies. She has nothing to say against the bill as a whole, or against the principle of anti-discrimination upon which it is based.

As I’ve pointed out before, the refusal of the government to allow an exception for Catholic adoption agencies has revealed the true nature of liberalism. Up to this point, the ruling liberal ideology of anti-discrimination has made itself palatable by allowing unprincipled exceptions to its own principles. But consistent liberalism, liberalism without any exceptions, such as Britain is now making law via the Sexual Orientation Reglations, it undisguisedly totalitarian. Liberalism has thus stripped off what remained of its human face, revealing the lizard essence within. And that is why Phillips, who is a liberal, is so upset.

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