The need for a new alliance of Western parties that are—pro-Western

Geert Wilders is quoted today at Brussels Journal:

I have no contacts with Vlaams Belang,” Wilders said. “I have no contacts with foreign parties whatsoever. But we will have to establish them with regard to the European elections next year…. We are trying to decide which European group to join. This is not an easy exercise. However, we want to have nothing to do with the Mussolinis and Le Pen and others like them.

I have no problem with Wilders’ rejection of Le Pen. As I wrote in March 2006, in an entry entitled “Le Pen the appeaser”:

I have no idea of where Le Pen is coming from, but wherever it is, it is bad. In the past, I have attempted to be fair to Le Pen, seeking to place his anti-Semitic comments in a broader context in which he did not seem to have an actual anti-Jewish agenda, but, on the contrary, by his wanting to protect Europe from Islam, seemed to be much better for the Jews than his “respectable” dhimmi counterparts in the left-center. But a Western leader—not to mention one who professes to stand for the West against the Islamic takeover of Europe—who derides and dismisses the danger of an insane Islamic regime that is seeking to create nuclear weapons and has threatened to use them, and would certainly use them to intimidate Europe, a French “nationalist” leader who views the cartoon controversy as an American plot to stir up war against Muslims rather than as the most direct expression of the mortal threat Islam poses to Europe, is someone whom I myself dismiss. From this moment forth I forget Le Pen and his party. I look to the development of a European nationalist right that will defend the nations and the civilization of Europe.

See also “Le Pen gives himself the coup de grace” (February 2007).

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