A paradigmatic black-on-white assault—update

Yesterday I posted the news segment from WTAE in Pittsburgh in which surveillance video shows high school English teacher James Addlespurger, briefcase in hand, walking past six black youths in a wide alleyway when one of them suddenly hits him in the head, knocking him to the ground where his head strikes a railing as he falls. As he lies there unconscious, the youths walk on. In the news segment, WTAE played the video over and over, and in slow motion, so that the viewer could see it really well. The station obviously realized that the surveillance video was a powerful piece of documentary evidence and treated it as such.

Well, guess what? The station, which made such a big deal of the surveillance video yesterday, has removed the entire news report including the surveillance video from the web page where it was posted, replacing it with a text-only update informing us that a 15-year-old male has been arrested in the attack. Fortunately the video was saved by someone at YouTube and a VFR reader found it. Here it is. Furthermore, just in case the YouTube version also disappears, I have taken six screen shots of the video and cropped and sized them for VFR’s main page so that we have a permanent record of this paradigmatic incident in which a benign white man, heedless of the obvious danger he was in, exposed himself to, and was suddenly viciously assaulted by, feral blacks.

Addlespurger, evincing no concern, approaches the group
of six sweatshirt-wearing, slouching, shapeless figures.

Addlespurger walks right next to the group, so unconcerned
that he doesn’t put any space between them and himself.

One of the youths steps toward Addlespurger,
takes a swing, hits him in the head

Addlespurger, knocked unconscious, falls like a felled tree,
not using his arms to stop his fall.

As Addlespurger falls, his head hits a metal railing
at the side of the alleyway.

Addlespurger’s fallen body sprawls on the ground,
his head on the metal railing.

Addlespurger lies crumpled on the ground,
while the gang walks on, unconcerned.

Note the symmetrical use of “unconcerned” in the captions I’ve added to the above photos. James Addlesburger displayed no concern about the fact that he was approaching a group of obvious thugs, and the thugs had no concern about having slammed Addlesburger unconscious to the ground. As far as one can tell by their behavior and speech, white liberals are totally unconcerned about black anti-white savagery, and the black savages in their turn are totally unconcerned about the murders, maimings, and disfigurements they inflict on whites. Whites apparently place no value on themselves, so why should black thugs place any value on them?

Also, in case any liberals happen to be reading this, I underscore the fact that James Addlespurger was struck down by an unarmed 15-year-old. Let us remember that the entire liberal universe thought it was sure proof of the falsity of George Zimmerman’s story and of his guilt that he claimed to have used a gun in self-defense against an unarmed 17-year-old. Every day in this country, white people are injured, disfigured, maimed, or killed by black males armed with nothing but their fists and their feet.

Finally, if you think that people who deny the fact of black-on-white racial violence in this country will be shocked into reality by seeing these photos, let us remember that many white liberals, as well as blacks, will look at Addlespurger being struck, falling down, and lying unconscious and will think, “This is what whites deserve, because of what they did to blacks. This is what whites will continue to deserve, until blacks have equality.”

- end of initial entry -

James N. writes:

I disagree that white liberals and blacks think “this is what whites deserve.” Blacks think this, unquestionably, and in large numbers.

White liberals don’t think about it. Literally. They use avoidance, and try through control of the media to make sure everybody else uses it, too.

When they can’t avoid it, they use crimestop, a distorted type of thinking which prevents unacceptable thoughts from reaching consciousness.

This is why they are so often victimized - they do not admit this fact pattern to awareness.

LA replies:

I should have worded that differently: I meant the harder type of liberal-leftist. Also, I don’t think that they consciously say these words to themselves. They don’t consciously acknowledge that this is what is in their minds. But I think it is in their minds.

Paul T. writes:

You wrote:

“They don’t consciously acknowledge that this is what is in their minds. But I think it is in their minds.”

If you want to test this, bring the crime to the attention of any liberals you know and count the seconds before they steer the conversation around to white racism. In my experience, they will make the connection unfailingly. The necessary implication could hardly be anything except “What you’re seeing may be crime, but it’s also justice.” Otherwise, why make the connection with white racism?

LA replies:

Ok, we could have an experiment. Each of us individually, in conversation with a liberal, could bring up the attack on James Addlespurger. Or, if one prefers, it could be a more serious attack that’s been in the news, but it has to be one in which the perpetrator is definitely known to be black and the victim white, and in which there was no provocation or secondary factor such as a “robbery gone wrong.” It must be one of these pure cases, such as the attack on Addlespurger, of blacks simply hurting or killing a white person for no reason except that he was white. Bring it up, and see how the liberal reacts. Does he introduce white racism into the conversation? If so, how long did it take him to introduce it? And if he does bring up white racism, ask him: “Are you saying that black people assaulting whites is a form of justice?”

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