Four-year olds in Britain being taught homosexual fairy tales

I’ve already suggested that with Britain’s Equality Act and the ensuing Sexual Orientation Regulations, which outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in the provisions of goods and services, without any exceptions, and with the position of the British government that any limitation on the number of immigrants allowed to enter Britain is “racist,” Britain has reached the acme of liberalism and is thus dead as a society in any traditional or normal sense. This doesn’t mean that Britain cannot change course and come back. But if such a turnaround is to occur, it can only happen if the British recognize that as they are now they are dead, and decide, as a people, that they want to live.

These thoughts were set off by the latest results of the Sexual Orientation Regulations, as reported in the Daily Mail:

Schools are teaching children as young as four about same-sex relationships to comply with new gay rights laws, it emerged yesterday.

They are introducing youngsters to homosexuality using a series of story books in preparation for controversial regulations coming into force next month.

Fourteen primary schools are already taking part in a £600,000 Government-funded study aimed at familiarising children with gay and lesbian relationships….

The academics working on the study say showing children that homosexuality is part of everyday life helps reduce homophobic bullying in the playground.

They claim schools need to ensure they are serving the needs of gay pupils and parents to comply with the Equality Act.

However the scheme sparked alarm among Christian groups who fear the legislation could leave schools open to lawsuits if they refuse to use books with gay characters.

One story being used in the research project, headed by academics at Sunderland University, is a fairytale about a prince who turns down three princesses before falling in love with one of their brothers. They marry in a book titled ‘King & King’….

There are also claims that new gay rights laws, coming into force on April 6, will allow schools to be sued if they do not use homosexual texts.

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Carl Simpson writes:

I am willing to bet that this latest abomination in the UK, which you describe as attempting to “outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in the provisions of goods and services, without any exceptions” will not be applied in any way against Muslim organizations or Madrassas, no matter what the law says. I can practically guarantee that the latest queer theory will not be taught to Muslim four-year-olds attending mujahedin pre-school.

How could living under sharia as a dhimmi possibly be any worse than this? We keep on reading reports of this nature and keep on hoping that somehow the majority there, realizing what a complete outrage such policies are, will awaken from its stupor, rise up and change things. It never happens. There is absolutely no bottom to liberalism. Seraphim Rose was right—it spirals into total nihilism as inexorably as an object dropped falls due to gravity. In the last couple of weeks, puppet governments in France and the UK (which is what they are) have enacted laws or administrative rulings in accordance with the directives coming from Brussels—against home schooling and Catholic charities respectively. You’re right—Europe is a corpse. We’re not as far behind in the U.S. as many seem to think, either.

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