Englishman beheaded in his front yard

Returning home from a meeting of the residents’ association at Crumpsall Methodist Church in Manchester, England, pensioner Patrick McGee, 63, was ambushed in his front garden and beheaded. The police found his severed head inside a garbage bin. At the church meeting before the murder, a friend had noticed cuts, bruises and scratches on Mr. McGee, but McGee wouldn’t explain what had happened. Police have arrested a 31-year old man on suspicion of murder.

Is it possible that a non-Muslim did this? Yes, barely. But if so, it still happened under the influence of Islam with its constant threatenings of beheadings and actual beheadings of its enemies that have put beheadings indelibly in our consciousness.

Patrick McGee is a symbol of England. England is being beheaded in its front yard—by people it allowed in through its front gate.

I can’t wait for Melanie Phillips’s next column where she will scream and cry about the lethal horror of it all, but never, ever mention the “I” word. No, I’m not talking about “Islam,” Islam she’ll mention. I mean the other “I” word.

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Peter G. had sent me the article with this note:

Here’s a another story that typifies the media’s craven attitude towards the obvious.

Just contemplate why even bothering reporting on it, considering there’s nothing didactic for native Britains. What’s telling is that cutting someone’s head off in Britain warrants nothing more than a bland restatement of events. Happens all the time, you know if the muezzin is too loud it’s nothing to lose your head over…

LA replies:

Precisely. The story treated the beheading as no more unusual or significant than if Mr. McGee had been knifed or shot. Yes, it was shocking, very unfortunate, very sad, but at bottom just another senseless murder, just another day in the life, and death, of Britain. And this was in The Mail, the British paper that is the most upfront about the Muslim problem and immigration. Perhaps the reporter was writing under time pressure. I’m sure they’ll have more on it.

We should never forget the name of Patrick McGee. Just as I will never forget the name of Nick Berg, the young American whom Zarqawi and his fiends captured in Iraq in 2003 and then sawed off his head.

December 17

Terry Morris writes:

Yes, good point about Nick Berg’s “beheading.” I’m beginning to think that beheading is too nice, too clean a word to use for what these barbaric Islamic thugs do to their victims. As if beheading with a knife is some sort of clean medical procedure.

Morgan writes from England:

“A 31-year-old man, understood to be suffering from mental illness, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.”

That (non)Canadian on the bus was described as “mentally disturbed” wasn’t he?

According to the BNP site:

“The Daily Mail website initially reported that a 31-year old man “thought to be of Filipino origin” had been arrested in connection with the murder, but the Daily Mail’s report was later censored to remove any reference to the ethnic origin of the s
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