Robert Spencer’s anti-jihad policy: ask jihadists to stop being jihadists

Terry Morris writes:

Robert Spencer writes:

If America is to survive, it is eventually going to have to choose national security over political correctness—and call upon Islamic leaders like Omar Shahin to stop teaching Muslims in the U.S. to disregard American laws when they conflict with Islamic norms. [Emphasis mine.]

Are you (expletive removed) kidding me?!

Spencer: “Mr. Shahin, will you please stop teaching Muslims in America to disregard American laws when they conflict with Islamic norms?”

Shahin: “Sure. Since you put it that way, how could I refuse?”

LA replies:

A perfect example of Spencer’s incurable lack of seriousness and consistency on this most vital issue. One moment he’s talking about protecting our national security, the next moment, even in the same sentence, he puts our national security in the hands of our enemy, just as Bernard Lewis did when he said that unless Muslims adopt democracy, our civilization is finished.

Since Spencer’s wildly veering comments on the subject cause more harm than good, I take back my many calls for him to tell us what to do about the Islam problem. Instead, I recommend that he put in the masthead of Jihad Watch this message:

For a combination of personal and ideological reasons, I am not comfortable with the subject of what to do about the Islam threat. This discomfort leads me to profound and, to the anti—jihadist movement, demoralizing contraditions on the issue. Therefore at this site I am going to do what I do well, which is explicating the meaning and goals of jihad and chronicling the steady growth of Islamic power in the West. If you are concerned about how to stop this takeover, you should go elsewhere, since that is not my topic.


The above comment is not a personal attack on Robert Spencer. It is a call on him to stop creating intolerable intellectual confusion with his self-contradicting statements on what to do about the Islam probem.

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